Cards We Grade & Policies

CGC Cards grades virtually all trading card games (TCGs), sports cards and non-sports cards.

Currently, CGC Cards accepts cards sized 2-5/8” x 3-3/4” (6.6cm x 9.5cm) or smaller. Cards may be up to 7.25mm thick.

  • Cards that are smaller or larger than standard sizes may be automatically placed into a CGC Cards holder with a protective inner sleeve.
  • Telephone cards may only be submitted to the Shanghai, China, office through select Authorized Dealers.
  • Certain thick cards that would normally be accepted by CGC Cards may have irregular dimensions and cannot be encapsulated for this reason. In those cases, the cards will be returned unencapsulated ("raw"), and the grading fee will be refunded.

Certain cards are not eligible for CGC Cards certification. See below for a complete list.

CGC Cards Policies

Cards that CGC Cards Does Not Grade

Other Items that CGC Cards Does Not Grade

No Grade Reasons

Other CGC Cards Grading Terms and Conditions

Cards that CGC Cards Does Not Grade

The following are card types that are NOT graded by CGC Cards:

TCGs and Non-sports Cards that CGC Cards Does Not Grade

  • Square Cut cards from the Wizards of the Coast era without provenance
  • Pokémon – Funskool
  • Missing Foil

Sports Cards that CGC Cards Does Not Grade

  • 1947 “Bond Bread” style cards with square corners
  • All “STAR” Basketball cards (1984-1986)
  • 1984 USA Olympic Basketball “Co-Captain Gold Winning Team” Michael Jordan
  • 1984 United States Basketball Team Michael Jordan
  • 1994 Upper Deck Classic Alumni #298 Alex Rodriguez Auto
  • 1997-1998 Score Board Blue Ribbon Player Kobe Bryant Auto /300
  • 1997-1998 Skybox Premium Autographics Charles Barkley Auto
  • 1998-1999 Skybox Premium Autographics Tim Duncan Auto
  • 1999-2000 Skybox Premium Autographics David Robinson Auto
  • 1996-1997 Skybox Premium Autographics Steve Nash Auto
  • All years Fleer Masterpiece “One of One” Basketball Cards
  • All years McDonalds Autographs
  • All years (2000-2015) Topps Rookie Premiere/ (03/04 - 08/09) Topps Photo Shoot/ (2006-2007-2010) Topps AFLAC Autographs (Unless serial numbered)
  • All years (1990-1992) Star Pics Autographs
  • All years (1991-1997) Pro Line Autographs
  • All years (1996-1997) Scoreboard/ (1991-1995) Classic/ (1991-1992) Front Row/ (1991-1992) Little Sun Autographs of Shaquille O’Neal/Kobe Bryant/Derek Jeter
  • All years Upper Deck Buyback Autographs that do not have the original UDA Certificate
  • 1994 Upper Deck Alex Rodriguez, Mickey Mantle, & Ken Griffey Jr. Autographs
  • 1992 Fleer Ultra Career Highlights Reggie White Auto
  • 1994 Signatures Rookies Derek Jeter Mail In Promo Auto /1000
  • 1995 Action Packed 24KT Gold #1D Derek Jeter Auto
  • 1997 Bowmans Best Atomic Refractors Derek Jeter Auto
  • 1997 Skybox Batman & Robin Uma Thurman Auto
  • 2001 Upper Deck Legends Football Legends Autograph Set
  • 2001 Fleer Legacy Albert Pujols Autographs
  • 2003-04 Campioni Di Futuro #5 LeBron James
  • 2016 Panini Prizm Dak Prescott Rookie Auto (Autopen, every variation)
  • 2016 Panini Prizm Dak Prescott/Devontae Booker Dual Auto/Jersey /99
  • Missing Foil

Other Items that CGC Cards Does Not Grade

  • Cards deemed too fragile to encapsulate
  • Unofficially stamped cards
  • Fantasy, “Cinderella,” unlicensed or homemade cards
  • Original type photos and snapshot photos
  • Any card that has been signed in-person and not under the authority of the card manufacturer (with limited exceptions for specially authenticated autographs)
  • Newspaper clippings, images cut from publications and other items that were not intended to be sports cards and are not cataloged as sports cards
  • Cards that are “sheet cut,” or measure larger than the published catalog size
  • Any card that CGC Cards graders determine to be below measurement tolerance and/or an unnatural waviness of the edges will not receive a numeric grade.
  • Any card that CGC Cards graders determine to be altered in any form (including artist alterations), counterfeit, replica, cleaned or restored will not receive a numeric grade and will not be encapsulated in a CGC Cards holder.

No Grade Reasons

Service Unavailable When a card is either of a size CGC Cards currently does not grade, or is an issue that is obscure, it may be returned as “Service Unavailable.” The submitter is not charged the grading fee.
Below Minimum Grade If a minimum grade is requested and the card does not meet that grade, the card is returned as “Below Minimum Grade.” The submitter is charged the grading fee.
Questionable Authenticity If a card appears to be counterfeit, it will be returned as “Questionable Authenticity.” The submitter is charged the grading fee.
Evidence of Tampering/Alteration There are several reasons why a card can be returned as “Evidence of Tampering/Alteration.” Evidence or appearance of alterations include but are not limited to: trimming, restoration, power erasing, chemical cleaning, pressing and stain removal. The submitter is charged the grading fee.
Evidence of Color Added When a card’s color has been artificially improved, it will be returned as “Evidence of Color Added.” The submitter is charged the grading fee.

Other CGC Cards Grading Terms and Conditions

  • CGC Cards graders reserve the right to determine if a card receives a numeric grade, an Authentic designation or Authentic Altered designation.
  • Cards that are deemed to be hand-cut (strip cards, post cereal cards and other cards not originally cut by the manufacturer, etc.) may receive a numeric grade if the card meets the cataloged and published measurements. If a hand-cut card is found to be below these published measurements, the card can only be encapsulated as Authentic. Whether a hand-cut card receives a numeric grade or not, the designation of “Hand Cut” will appear as an attribute on the label.

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