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Give your Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other TCGs the love and protection they deserve with CGC Cards. Serving collectors around the world, CGC Cards is a leading third-party authentication, grading and encapsulation service, recognized for expertly grading Pokémon cards and more. We are committed to affordability, accuracy, consistency and speed — plus we have the best-looking holder anywhere — making CGC Cards the clear choice to protect and enhance your TCG and non-sports card collection. Submit today — grading starts at just $11 per card!

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Protect Your Most Cherished Cards

Take advantage of CGC Cards’ services to certify your TCGs and non-sports cards and protect them for the future. We offer several membership levels to fit the needs of every collector, ranging from single-card submissions to bulk. Sign up for a free account to submit or, for discounts on grading, upgrade to a paid membership at the Associate, Premium or Elite level.

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$11 / card

Associate / Premium: $9.90 / card
Elite: $8.80 / card

Submit a mix of at least 25 cards worth up to $500 each under the bulk tier.

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$14 / card

Associate / Premium: $12.60 / card
Elite: $11.20 / card

Submit cards worth up to $1,000 each under the Economy tier.

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$50 / card

Associate / Premium: $45.00 / card
Elite: $40.00 / card

Submit cards worth up to $10,000 each for expedited grading.

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$150 / card

Associate / Premium: $135.00 / card
Elite: $120.00 / card

Submit cards of unlimited value and receive the fastest turnaround time.


Additional Services for Trading Cards

Define Quality with CGC Grading

Get an accurate assessment of the authenticity and condition of your cards by submitting them to CGC Cards for certification. CGC Cards utilizes an industry-standard 10-point grading scale topped by a Gem Mint 10 and, for the very best, a Pristine 10. Cards that receive the CGC Pristine 10 grade — which is reserved exclusively for flawless cards under 10-times magnification — receive a special gold CGC Cards Pristine 10 label.
Check out the CGC Cards Grading Scale >>

Encapsulate Your Cards for Safekeeping

Protect your favorite TCGs and non-sports cards using CGC Cards’ state-of-the-art holder. The CGC Cards holder and label bring together enhanced security features, crystal-clear optics and the most advanced archival materials for the best in display and protection. In addition, our holders are stackable for easy storage.
Learn more about our industry-leading holder and label >>

Rest Assured with the CGC Guarantee

All CGC-certified TCGs and non-sports cards are backed by the CGC Guarantee of authenticity and grade. The CGC Guarantee ensures that all submissions are inspected by at least two professionals, encapsulated cards are always authentic and cards are not overgraded. The CGC Guarantee gives collectors and dealers greater confidence, making it easier and safer to buy, sell and collect CGC-certified cards.
Learn more about the CGC Guarantee >>

Front side of Elsa Disney Lorcana (2022) D23 Expo - 3/p1 Promo - 1st Edition - foil card in holder Back side of Elsa Disney Lorcana (2022) D23 Expo - 3/p1 Promo - 1st Edition - foil card in holder

Check Out All the Cards We Grade

CGC Cards authenticates and grades cards from nearly every TCG, including popular games such as Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Flesh and Blood, Weiss Schwarz and more. CGC Cards also certifies non-sports cards and collectible card games, including Marvel, DC, Garbage Pail Kids and more. Learn more about which cards we grade >>

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