CSG Registry Featured Set: 1923-24 William Paterson V145-1 Hockey Set

Posted on 5/5/2022

He shoots, he scores! Hockey Collector has skated into the spotlight with this month’s featured set.

This month, we put a spotlight on Hockey Collector’s lineup of Paterson vintage cards, which includes 28 of the total 40 NHL players featured in this set. (Be sure to check out CSG's recent Q&A with the set owner at the end of this article.)

The sepia-tinted cards include a player image, their name, team, card number and National Hockey League printed on the bottom edge; the back of the cards are blank. It is believed these cards were issued by Canadian confectioner William Paterson, Ltd. and designated as V-series cards due to the similarity to other caramel-issued cards from the 1920s.

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These cards represent four NHL teams: the Hamilton Tigers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Toronto St. Patricks. Major stars from the era are included, such as Georges Vezina, Aurele Joliat, Howie Morenz and King Clancy. The key card for the set features Bert Corbeau, which is believed to have been short printed.

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Q&A with the set owner, Kevin

Question: How did you get into collecting sports cards?
Answer: During high school in the late 1980s in Michigan, I used to open hockey card boxes with my Dad. It was a lot of fun and then I started buying some singles of my favorite players.

Question: What are your favorite sports teams and/or athletes to follow?
Answer: Being from Michigan, I have always been a Red Wings fan. But now as a Florida resident, I have migrated to being a Tampa Bay fan.

Question: Who are you rooting for in the Stanley Cup playoffs?
Answer: The Tampa Bay Lightning for sure.

Question: What was your favorite card once you got into collecting? What made it your favorite?
Answer: I started collecting vintage hockey cards in the 1990s as I just liked the old feeling of the cards, the history of hockey and the challenge of finding them. I quickly moved to pre-war hockey, which was extremely challenging to find. One of my favorite cards was the 1911 C55 George Vezina rookie card and I always dreamed of owning it.

Question: Do you have a different favorite card now? If so, what is it and what makes it special to you?
Answer: My favorite card is either the 1911 C55 George Vezina rookie or the 1923 V-145 Howie Morenz Rookie. Vezina has a trophy named after him and was an amazing goalie, and Morenz was the Babe Ruth of hockey.

Question: We’re featuring your 1923-24 William Paterson V145-1 set. What drew you to collecting and building this set?
Answer: This set was the first hockey card set to be published again after the 1912 C57 tobacco set, so just about every card is a rookie card and it is really the first NHL set ever created. There are a lot of Hall-of-Famers and the simplicity and rarity of the cards made the set a challenge to collect.

Question: Is there a card out there you’re hoping to add to your collection? Similarly, is there a set you hope to complete someday?
Answer: I pretty much just collect pre-war hockey now, so I have been working on the 1925 Anonymous set. No one knows who printed it and not all of the cards from the set have been identified yet, but I have 18 of the 40 known cards at this point. The George Vezina from that set is what I would love to have! It was his last year before he died and there are only four of that card that have ever been graded by any company.

Question: What do you enjoy most about adding your cards to the CSG Registry?
Answer: It is extremely easy to use and nice to publish the set in one place.

Question: What would you say to other sports cards collectors who may be on the fence about adding their cards to the CSG Registry?
Answer: If you have already graded with CSG, why not add your cards to the Registry so that you can track them and show others what you have? Might be an opportunity to connect with other collectors who share similar interests.

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