CSG Announces Updated Grading Fees and Major Improvements to Return Shipping and Insurance Services

Posted on 6/1/2022

Effective July 5, 2022, the updates will support CSG’s efforts to provide best-in-class services. In many cases, submitters will benefit from faster return shipping at lower costs, as well as expanded insurance coverage.

Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) is committed to providing the highest-caliber sports card grading services, including the fastest turnaround times and the best holder and label in the industry. To support CSG’s efforts to consistently deliver the world’s best all-around grading experience, CSG is updating its grading fees for submissions made starting July 5, 2022.

At the same time, CSG is also updating its return shipping services to provide a streamlined solution that will, in many cases, provide faster shipping times at a lower cost to submitters. International submitters will also benefit from having their return shipments insured for up to $50,000 per package when sent via FedEx. The changes apply to return shipments from CSG’s Sarasota, Florida, headquarters.

Updates to Services and Fees

CSG is making a few updates to its grading fees while still offering the most advantageous pricing in the sports card certification industry. More and more collectors and dealers are trusting their sports cards to CSG based on reasonable pricing, high-quality services, turnaround times and the superior CSG holder and label. CSG looks forward to continuing to provide best-in-class services that benefit the hobby.

New CSG services and fees, effective July 5, 2022:

CSG Grading Tiers Max. Value per Card New Fee per Card
Unlimited WalkThrough None $150 + 1% FMV
WalkThrough $50,000 $150
Express $10,000 $70
Standard $1,000 $35
Economy $500 $25
Bulk (50-card minimum) $250 $15

Please note that the fee updates will apply to CSG Online Submission Forms completed on or after July 5, 2022. The new fees will simply be reflected in the prices listed on the form. Submission forms completed before July 5, 2022, must be delivered to CSG by September 6, 2022, to qualify for the old pricing.

Updates to Return Shipping Services

Return shipping via FedEx

With the updates to its return shipping services, CSG will generally ship completed submissions to US addresses via FedEx with insurance coverage of up to $100,000 per package procured by CSG. The FedEx shipping method used will be based on the submitter’s declared value, with significant savings in many cases when compared to today’s rates.

New CSG domestic return shipping rates, effective July 5, 2022:

Owner's Declared Value $1 to $25,000 $25,001 to $50,000 $50,001 to $100,000
Shipping Method FedEx Ground with Direct Signature FedEx Ground with Direct Signature FedEx Standard Overnight with Adult Signature
1-5 cards $20 $90 $130
6-25 cards $25 $95 $135
26-50 cards $30 $105 $145
51-100 cards $35 $110 $150
101-300 cards $50 $135 $175

For completed submissions being returned to an international address, CSG will generally ship via FedEx, with insurance coverage of up to $50,000 procured by CSG. This is an important improvement for international submitters because CSG previously did not procure insurance for shipments back to international addresses. Despite the addition of insurance coverage, CSG’s international shipping rates have actually gone down, another benefit for submitters.

New CSG international return shipping rates, effective July 5, 2022:

Owner's Declared Value $1 to $25,000 $25,001 to $50,000
Shipping Method FedEx Economy with Direct Signature FedEx Priority with Direct Signature
1-25 cards $80 $120
26-50 cards $100 $150
51-100 cards $120 $180
101-300 cards $150 $225

Return shipping via USPS Mail

For completed submissions being delivered to a US PO Box, CSG will generally ship via USPS Mail with insurance coverage of up to $100,000 per package procured by CSG. USPS Mail will generally be slower than FedEx, however. CSG is not responsible for the speed of shipping services. The rates for shipping via USPS Mail are the same as shipping via FedEx.

Shipping on one’s own account

Submitters wishing to use their own FedEx, UPS or USPS Express Mail account may still do so, as long as a completed Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®) Shipping Information Form is on file. Please note that shipments on the submitter’s own account are not insured by CSG. To access the Shipping Information Form, click here.

Why FedEx?

CSG has found FedEx to be the fastest and most reliable service for return shipping, and using primarily one shipping service will greatly streamline the return shipping process, as well as provide CSG with a greater ability to negotiate better prices on behalf of its submitters. Collectors and dealers will ultimately benefit from getting submissions back more quickly, often at lower prices than before, with reliable insurance coverage.

The CSG Online Submission Form will be updated with the new grading fees and return shipping options on July 5, 2022.

For questions about CSG’s return shipping updates, please contact CSG Customer Service at [email protected] or 888-CSG-4723.

Note: Additional charges may apply for extended or remote service areas, heavier packages, added items, etc. Please contact Customer Service if you are shipping collectibles valued over $100,000 per package to a US address or over $50,000 per package to an international address.

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