Counterfeit Card Alert: 1968 Topps Game #2 Mickey Mantle

Posted on 7/7/2022

Several red flags identify this card as a fake, including pixelation indicative of a home printer.

The 1968 Topps Game set featured 33 cards, each with a picture of a baseball star with their facsimile signature. The cards let you play a game by mixing the deck and drawing cards, which had outcomes from HOME RUN (for Willie Mays) to DOUBLE PLAY (for Claude Osteen).

Genuine 1968 Topps Game #2 Mickey Mantle graded CSG 5
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The most-coveted card in the set is Mickey Mantle #2; genuine examples in great shape can sell for over $100. CSG recently received a purported example of the card featuring the Yankees' star slugger, who wrapped up his Hall of Fame career in 1968.

Counterfeit 1968 Topps Game #2 Mickey Mantle
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Unfortunately for the submitter, there are several red flags that identify this card as a fake. While the original cards were die-cut by machine, this card is hand-cut. The stock it is printed on is also incorrect.

Close-ups of the genuine (left) and counterfeit 1968 Topps Game #2 Mickey Mantle
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A closer look reveals pixelated printing, which was likely done with the type of printer found in most homes. The images here show the hazy pixels the printer sprayed on the fake card, which are particularly noticable in the various colors that make up the black letters on the fake, compared to a genuine example.

Close-up of counterfeit 1968 Topps Game #2 Mickey Mantle
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Whoever created this fake card also went to the trouble of artificially aging it. This card is another reminder that the growing interest in vintage baseball cards has created additional incentives for counterfeiters.

CSG uses world-class expertise, advanced technology, innovation and operational excellence to provide sports card collectors and dealers with accurate and consistent certification services. CSG backs these determinations with the industry-leading CSG Guarantee, which adds significant confidence, liquidity and value to the hobby.

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