CGC Trading Cards Expands Grading Services to Include My Little Pony, Pokémon Carddass, Topps MetaZoo and More

Posted on 6/24/2022

Collectors can now look to CGC Trading Cards for expert grading of more than 20 of the most popular trading card games.

CGC Trading Cards™ is excited to announce the expansion of its expert authentication, grading and encapsulation services to include cards from even more of the most popular trading card games. During the last six months, CGC Trading Cards has added 14 new TCGs to its roster of eligible games, including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon Topps, Digimon and MetaZoo. Now, CGC Trading Cards has added six new games. Here are the latest additions to the list.

New Games Accepted by CGC Trading Cards


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Kryptik, which will launch in November 2022, combines easy-to-learn game mechanics with cards featuring stunning art by celebrated artists from the TCG and role-playing worlds. Kryptik’s Kickstarter campaign attracted considerable attention, enlisting more than 1,400 backers who pledged more than $870,000 to support the game’s launch. Prerelease and test cards are already circulating among collectors, with Juturna, Dookraka, Charlie and Wulfric being among the early chase cards in the Genesis set.

My Little Pony

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The My Little Pony Collectible Card Game was launched in 2013 by Enterplay as a follow-up to Hasbro’s popular TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The game’s initial success can be attributed in large part to its popularity with bronies, which is the name used to describe adult fans of My Little Pony. More than 1,900 cards have been issued, with the most recent set being Friends Forever. The most sought cards are Royal Rares, which are alternate art cards that were issued in booster packs, and promo cards that were given out at special events.


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Launched in 2003 by Wizards of the Coast, the Neopets trading card game is based on the Neopets virtual pets website. The Base Set was followed by nine expansion sets, including one that featured cards related to the PlayStation 2 game Neopets: The Darkest Faerie. Base set holofoil cards and promo cards, such as the 2006 Jake the Explorer card, rank among the most rare. The game was discontinued in 2006, but the cards continue to be popular with collectors.

Pokémon Carddass

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Carddass is the term generally applied to cards issued by the Japanese company Bandai and sold through its card vending machines. Beginning In September 1996 and continuing into 1997, Bandai issued a set of cards known as Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards that were Pokémon-themed. There are 151 standard cards in the set, all of which feature artwork by celebrated Pokémon artist Ken Sugimori, and a number of promos and other special releases. Because the Base Set of Pokémon trading cards was not released until October 1996, the Bandai cards are considered the first Pokémon-themed cards. The Pocket Monsters Checklist, which shows Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur together, is one of the more sought-after cards. CGC Trading Cards is excited to expand its Pokémon card grading capabilities with this set.


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Titan is a mythology-based trading card game created by GameZoo and set to launch in 2022. It was developed with the goal of delivering outstanding artwork and a game mechanic that is engaging and easy to learn. The cards feature several levels of rarity, which will be indicated by color coding incorporated into the card design. The rarest cards will be the “Ancient,” marked by Ruby Red, and the “Epic,” marked by Sapphire. GameZoo has distributed a small number of promo cards, including Gladiator, Arachne, King Leonidas and The Furies, to event attendees and its Patreon supporters.

Topps MetaZoo

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The MetaZoo Trading Card Game launched in March 2021 and quickly became a favorite of collectors. In September 2021, Topps partnered with MetaZoo to release a limited-edition set of cards that featured “Beastie” and “Lore” cards, many of which were derived from earlier MetaZoo releases. The 50,000 packs of the set, which Topps called Cryptid Nation: Series 0, sold out in less than a day. In March 2022, Topps released another set called Wilderness: Series 1. Once again, the cards sold out in less than a day. One of the top cards from the Topps MetaZoo sets features Steve Aoki, the acclaimed DJ and pop culture enthusiast who played a role in the creation of the original MetaZoo card game.

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