CGC Trading Cards Registry Featured Set: Fossil 1st Edition Master Set

Posted on 7/21/2022

This month’s featured set leads a hotly contested category with more than 70 competitors. Don't miss a Q&A with the set owner, ChaChaMatcha!

Since their introduction to the Pokémon franchise in the first generation, Fossil Pokémon have been an intriguing aspect of the game. With each generation introducing new abilities, this unusual group of characters continues to evolve. They’ve even inspired a traveling museum exhibit in Japan, where visitors can learn about the real-life inspirations of Fossil Pokémon design.

ChaChaMatcha has certainly been drawn to these characters and has nearly completed a fantastic Fossil 1st Edition Master set!

Most of the cards in ChaChaMatcha’s set are graded CGC 9.5, but this set also boasts three stunning CGC Pristine 10 cards: Zapdos, Geodude and Omanyte. With some of the lowest numbers in Pristine 10 in the Pop Report, these cards are impressive!

We talked with ChaChaMatcha about the Fossil 1st Edition Master Set and collecting Pokémon in a Q&A session. Check it out below.

Q&A with the collector

Tell us how you got your start in collecting Pokémon cards?

I got started collecting Pokémon cards when I was a kid in elementary school. I know this is going to sound cliché — but I (my family) couldn’t really afford to spend much on non-necessities when Pokémon first became big. So, my collection included many bootleg cards, a few packs of unlimited cards and a single mint condition Base Set - Unlimited Blastoise Holo that my father bought for me at a hobby shop for $80. There’s no doubt we overpaid for it, ha-ha!

Fast forward a decade or two to 2020 when the collectibles and sports card boom hits, and I begin collecting the cards I never had or could have afforded as a kid. It immediately became an obsession, specifically with CGC Trading Cards slabs. Not only were CGC Trading Cards slabs undervalued, but their grading fees made slabbing your favorite childhood Pokémon card accessible to anyone. I think the amount of trust I was willing to give CGC (and its parent company), the quality of their slab itself and the rarity of the higher grades made it the “no-brainer” choice for Pokémon card grading.

So, yes, I slabbed my $80 Blastoise — and yes, it got graded as a CGC 5 — and finally, yes, it’s still worth 80 bucks and I’ll never sell it.

What makes the Fossil Master Set unique or special to you?

This Fossil set is special to me because it’s my first mostly complete set with limited compromises on grades lower than 9.5. (I know how pretentious that sounds.)

It also has my first Pristine 10 WOTC 1st edition Holo in it (the Zapdos), which I picked up from a friend who graded hundreds of WOTC Holos to get it. The gold on gold of the 10 grade and the Zapdos is really such a great contrast to the blue slab border/background.

What cards are at the top of your want list?

My “grail” card is NOT a Charizard! I think it may be a Pristine 10 Base Set Unlimited Blastoise. Fire Pokémon are weak to water, just saying.

What advice would you give to newer collectors just getting into Pokémon trading cards?

Buy cards in the CGC Trading Cards holder. Their graders have some of the most consistently high standards out there and their slabs are affordable (for now). On a serious note, if someone is new to collecting, and they want to get into Pokémon, I would recommend buying and/or hunting a card they would enjoy regardless of the grade.

Tell us how using the CGC Trading Card Registry helps you reach your collecting goals.

Without the CGC Trading Cards Registry, I would still be using my Excel sheet with checkboxes next to each set’s card numbers. Some of my cards are also in storage but the Registry has high-resolution photos so that I can still show off or see my collection somewhat firsthand. Lastly, the Registry allows me to send my collection to card shops and bulk graders, so they can help me find the elusive cards I still need to complete my sets, like that Fighting Energy in a 9.5 from 1st Edition Gym Heroes, which only eight people sent in to grade, and I need to complete my set!

About the CGC Trading Cards Registry

Launched in April 2022, The CGC Trading Cards Registry is the newest addition to the suite of Certified Collectibles Group online registries. Since launch, hundreds of trading card collectors have registered nearly 3,000 competitive sets. We’re grateful for such a successful start and unmatched enthusiasm among collectors. Begin adding your CGC-certified trading cards in the CGC Trading Cards Registry here.

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