CSG Grade School: Watch All the Episodes

Posted on 10/28/2022

What are CSG card graders looking for? What is a loupe and how do I use it? How do I evaluate the surface of a card? Watch CSG Grade School for these answers and more!

Go back to school every Wednesday with Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) Grade School classes with CSG Vice President Andy Broome. Watch them for free on the CSG YouTube channel each week.

Episode 1: How Graders Grade Your Cards

Have you ever wondered how CSG grades your cards? If you’re like other collectors out there, we know you have! Watch the video as Andy Broome takes you through the four areas of a card that CSG examines and what CSG’s graders are looking for.

Episode 2: What is a Loupe?

Do you know what a loupe is? And do you know why it's important to use one with 10x magnification? Find out as Andy Broome presents another CSG Grade School video!

Episode 3: Grading the Surface of a Card

In this episode of CSG Grade School, we’re looking at how to grade the surface of a card. Andy Broome shows you how to pick up wrinkles, dimples and other things you might miss.

Episode 4: Preparing Your Cards for Grading

In this episode, Andy Broome goes through the steps to prepare your cards for CSG grading. Be sure to carefully follow these steps to submit your cards safely and properly.

Episode 5: How We Grade Centering

We’re talking centering in this CSG Grade School! Come along as CSG Senior Grading Finalizer Westin Reeves shows you how we determine the centering grade of your cards.

Episode 6: Grading Edges

We’ve discussed surface and centering, and now it’s time to look at edges! CSG Grader Brandon Carpenter talks about the different types of edge damage and shares a common misconception when evaluating cards.

Episode 7: Grading Corners

We’re looking at corners in this edition of CSG Grade School! Andy Broome will share with you some things that our graders look for when examining the corners of your cards.

Episode 8: Why Do Graders Not Wear Gloves?

Like many collectors, you may have wondered “Why don’t graders wear gloves?” In this episode, Andy Broome answers the frequently asked question by highlighting several reasons.

Episode 9: What is a White Slip?

Have you ever received your submission back and found a white slip on one of your cards and wondered “What is the white slip?”

Episode 10: What does "color added" mean?

What does “color added” mean? On this episode of Grade School, Andy Broome shows you several examples of cards with color added and shares ways to detect it.

Episode 11: Grading Autographs

Have you received a card back and wondered how CSG grades autographs? In today’s Grade School, Andy Broome explains several flaws that can lower an autograph grade and highlights different grade examples.

Episode 12: What is a UV Light?

We’re talking UV light on today’s Grade School! Andy Broome shows you how the CSG graders use UV light to detect alterations such as color added, power erasing and some autograph alterations.

Grade your cards with CSG and follow us on social media @csgcards.

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