Bo Jackson Rookie Cards: Value & Checklist

Posted on 12/30/2022

Discover the value of Bo Jackson rookie cards, some of the best cards on the market today.

Bo Jackson is widely regarded as one of the best multisport athletes to ever walk the earth. He was the first athlete in history to become an MLB All-Star and an NFL Pro Bowler, playing at the highest level in pro baseball and football.

But how does his prowess on the football field and in the ballpark relate to Bo Jackson's rookie cards and their value? Let’s discuss Jackson's rookie card value and find the best examples on the market to invest in.

Who Is Bo Jackson?

Drafted by the New York Yankees in 1982, Jackson chose to play football at Auburn University instead of making the jump to the pros from high school. He'd go on to have one of the best collegiate careers in SEC history as he racked up 4,303 career yards and won the Heisman Trophy in 1985. The following year in 1986, he was selected by the Kansas City Royals, whereas in football, he first played for the Los Angeles Raiders in 1987.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Jackson was one of the most popular athletes in the world. As mentioned, the multisport athlete became the first-ever player to be selected as an All-Star in both pro football and baseball. While his career was illustrious, it was unfortunately cut short due to a severe hip injury. Although Jackson only played four seasons in the NFL and eight in the Major Leagues, he remains a legend within baseball and football folklore.

What do his reputation and incredible performances on the field mean in determining his rookie card value in 2022? Let’s find out the potential for collectors and investors on the market.

The Value of Bo Jackson's Rookie Cards

While numerous Bo Jackson rookie cards are in circulation, relatively low volumes of Bo Jackson cards were produced, especially compared to other athletes’ rookie cards. Because of his fame and stardom across two sports, combined with the low card production volume, some Bo Jackson cards are incredibly valuable. This creates an interesting and exciting opportunity for collectors and investors alike.

The best Bo Jackson rookie cards are tricky to get your hands on. But if you’re holding onto a Bo Jackson card or still eagerly searching for one, it could be worth making a purchase and having it professionally graded to determine its value.

Bo Jackson's Rookie Baseball Cards

If you're wondering what the most valuable or most interesting Bo Jackson rookie cards are, here you go. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate, and listed values might change over time.

1986 Topps Traded Tiffany #50T Bo Jackson ($7,501)

The 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany #50T is one of the highest-valued Bo Jackson cards on the market. This card was printed on premium cardboard, and only limited numbers were ever produced, creating a scarce, high-quality card and excellent recipe for something that exceeds the cost of your average Bo Jackson rookie card. Over time, this particular set of Topps cards has risen in popularity, and its value has accelerated.

Fair Market Value: We crunched the numbers and found actual data for how much this card was worth on the market in 2022. SportsCardsPro says a grade 10 Gem Mint version of this card goes for $7,501. But it didn't stop there; the database also showed that another version of the card at grade 10 went for $30,000. This sale was made on May 8, 2021. Even an Ungraded version of the card fetches around $207. This is by far the highest-value Bo Jackson rookie card out there, and for good reason.

1986 Topps Traded #50T Bo Jackson ($453)

This card is part of the 1986 Topps XRC collection from his rookie season in which Bo Jackson performed exceptionally well. It was his first year in the MLB, so he was featured in the extended rookie card collection as a result. He had a .207 batting average and two home runs in his first 25 games, proving enough of a feat for Jackson to feature in this extended series.

Fair Market Value: We searched the SportsCardsPro database to find the value of the 1986 Topps Traded XRC #50T card. A grade 10 version of this card fetches $453 at the top of the market, and prices for the best-conditioned cards vary between $300 and $500—for example, a grade 10 Gem Mint card sold for $499 on August 17, 2022. Ungraded versions can be found for less than $10.

1987 Donruss #35 Bo Jackson ($175)

A classic Bo Jackson card displaying him in the striking powder blue jersey and the tag “Rated Rookie” makes this a stand-out card, if only aesthetically. Many cards in the Donruss card collection received this tag, but it's all the more special for this card.

Fair Market Value: According to SportsCardsPro, the 1987 Donruss #35 fetches around $175 for a grade 10 version of the card, and it is reported that three of these high-quality cards are sold per week. However, a grade 9 card only costs $30, and an Ungraded card costs as little as $5.

1987 Topps Future Stars #170 Bo Jackson ($121)

This Bo Jackson rookie card looks fantastic with the combined wooden border aesthetic and “Future Star" tag on the front. However, it’s one of the most common and well-known Bo Jackson cards out there. So, in terms of Jackson's rookie cards, it's relatively easy to get your hands on. Despite this, it’s a beautiful card that should be part of any Bo Jackson rookie card collection.

Fair Market Value: We checked the value of this card on SportsCardsPro, and an Ungraded version costs around $3.25. The data shows that at least one of these cards are sold every day, on average. At the opposite end of the scale, a Gem Mint grade 10 card goes for around $121, and card sales rarely vary from this figure. The highest reported sale of the card in 2022 sold for $150 on August 15, 2022.

1990 Score #697 Bo Jackson ($233)

Perhaps the most famous and iconic Bo Jackson baseball card on the market. This one isn't a rookie card but it's worth the inclusion on because of its fame within the hobby. It's unique because it features the star multisport athlete wearing football shoulder pads and holding a baseball bat. It's a testament to Jackson's prowess across both sports and the card that sticks in the mind of every Bo Jackson fan.

Fair Market Value: We dove into databases across the web to find out what a grade 10 Gem Mint version of the Score #697 Bo Jackson card is worth on the market. According to the SportsCardsPro database, a grade 10 version goes for $233, on average.

However, there have been some sales that have far exceeded this price. For example, on September 9, 2022, a grade 10 sold for $274 and another for $325 on September 12, 2022. While the top end of the scale has these cards priced in the hundreds, you can still pick up an Ungraded version for under $6.

1991 Fleer Pro-Visions #5 of 12 Bo Jackson ($108)

This is another one Bo Jackson card that isn't from his rookie season, but its popularity makes it an essential addition to any collection containing the iconic athlete. Jackson was featured as one of 12 players selected for Fleer's Pro-Visions baseball series in 1991. The baseball card's front image stands out since it's a painting of Jackson from artist Terry Smith framed within sleek black borders. This is a classic card with a classic look that features Jackson with bionic arms posing in his blue Royals jersey.

Fair Market Value: At the top of the market, SportsCardsPro data showed that a grade 10 version of the card sells for around $108. Cards graded 7 are selling for $15, cards graded 8 go for around $32 and grade 9s fetch about $90. Additionally, you can pick up an Ungraded version of the card for only $3.

Bo Jackson's Rookie Football Cards

Although there's quite a few Bo Jackson football cards that might interest collectors, there's technically only one recognized rookie card from his debut NFL season. So, we're adding a few more to the list that collectors and investors will want to check out as well.

1988 Topps Football #327 Bo Jackson ($1,414)

This is the only official Bo Jackson rookie card from his first season as a pro in the NFL. The classic football card features Jackson sitting on the sideline in his black Raiders jersey without a helmet. It's a great looking card in a simple white border and light blue frame. At the bottom sits the Raiders' famous silver helmet along with the text "Topps Super Rookie" and the player's name and position. It's a must-own addition to any Bo Jackson collection.

Fair Market Value: Looking at SportsCardsPro's data, this particular card is one of the most expensive from Jackson's pro career in baseball or football. Top-end graded Gem Mint 10 cards sell for around $1,414, with one sold each week. However, there's a huge decline in price for lower graded cards. The 1988 Topps Football #327 sells for $67 graded 9, $30 for grade 8 and $20 for grade 7. Ungraded versions of the Bo Jackson rookie football card can be found for less than $15.

1989 Score Supplemental #384S Bo Jackson ($190)

Since there's only one true rookie card from Bo Jackson's NFL career, we're adding a few more that will interest collectors. Taken from the same photoshoot as its 1990 baseball counterpart, the 1989 Score Supplemental #384S also features a black-and-white photo of Jackson wearing football shoulder pads and holding a baseball bat to represent his two-sport career.

Instead of holding the bat on his shoulders, this time Jackson is seen holding a wooden bat as if he's at the plate. The card features purple borders, a silver Raiders helmet in the bottom right and his name in yellow lettering.

Fair Market Value: SportsCardsPro's reports that a Gem Mint 10 card sells for around $190, with one sold each week. Yet, collectors can get their hands on a grade 9 for $340, grade 8 for $27 and grade 7 for $17. Ungraded versions of the 1989 Score #384S Bo Jackson card can be found for around $17 as well.

1990 Score "Ground Force" #330 Bo Jackson ($73)

This is arguably one of the most eye-catching cards out of all of Bo Jackson's football and baseball cards. It's part of Score's "Ground Force" inserts from 1990, which features a series of NFL superstars with lightning strikes in the background. The #330 Bo Jackson has an orange, yellow and red border with a great action-shot of Jackson running the football.

Fair Market Value: At SportsCardsPro, they're reporting that graded Gem Mint 10 cards sell for around $73, with one sold each month, on average. Yet, a grade 9 sells for $21, grade 8 sells for $15 and grade 7 sells for $5. Ungraded versions of this card can be found for under $2.

1991 Fleer Pro-Visions #6 of 10 Bo Jackson ($1,136)

Similar to the baseball Fleer Pro-Visions Bo Jackson card, this one also features artwork of the athlete from Terry Smith. This is another one that's not a rookie card, but it's a classic needed to complete any Bo Jackson collection that's worthwhile. This Pro-Visions football card has a painting of Jackson standing in his black Raiders jersey holding a football in one arm and his team's silver helmet in the other arm. The image of Jackson sits over a nighttime background with a full moon in the distance. The card's silver borders make it pop as it easily stands out from all other football cards of Jackson.

Fair Market Value: SportsCardsPro data shows that a graded Gem Mint 10 card sells for upwards of $1,136, with four sold annually on average. However, don't worry if you don't have thousands to spend since lower grades sell for much less. A grade 9 sells for $105, grade 8 sells for $31 and grade 7 sells for $25. Ungraded versions of this card can be found for under $15.


Undoubtedly, Bo Jackson was a legendary athlete, and his rookie cards would make a fantastic addition to any collection. We specialize in high-quality, fast-turnaround grading, using a combination of expert knowledge and advanced technology to bring trust to your collection. Join CSG today and start backing your collection with confidence.

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