Josh Allen Rookie Cards: The Ultimate Guide

Posted on 12/4/2022

Josh Allen is one of the most promising quarterbacks in the NFL. Here's everything you need to know about collecting Josh Allen rookie cards and where to find them.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is quickly becoming a household name as one of the young superstars of the NFL. Since entering the league in 2018, Allen has shown flashes of brilliance on the field as he's turned the Bills into a perennial playoff contender once again. If you're a fan of the Bills or just football in general, you'll want to get your hands on one of Josh Allen's rookie cards. This article will look at some of the best Josh Allen rookie cards to collect along with their current market values.

Who Is Josh Allen, and Why Are His Cards So Valuable?

Josh Allen started turning heads while playing college football at the University of Wyoming, where he emerged as one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the country. NFL scouts took notice and the Buffalo Bills selected him with the 7th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Allen continues to impress as a strong passer with a powerful arm and a gifted runner who can make things happen when plays break down. With time and experience, he could very well become the best quarterback in the NFL.

Collectors are also taking notice of Josh Allen's potential, as his rookie cards rise in value. There are many reasons why Josh Allen's rookie cards are so valuable, including his potential to be a superstar quarterback in the NFL and the limited supply of his rookie cards. Here are six more reasons why Josh Allen's rookie cards are so valuable:

  • Josh Allen is ranked highly in the league:  He is currently ranked as the number four quarterback in the league for the 2022 season.
  • Josh Allen is already a proven winner: Allen is now the only player in NFL history with 100+ touchdown passes and 20+ rushing touchdowns under his belt within his first four seasons. This incredible stat is reflected in his career record of 51-25.
  • He was drafted 7th overall: Even though Allen has played in the league for a few seasons now, he still carries a lot of hype as a Top 10 draft pick. Many fans keep a close eye on his growth and development, which has helped to drive up the value of his rookie cards.
  • He's a dual-threat quarterback: Allen is not only a great passer but can also make things happen with his feet. This makes him even more exciting to watch and increases his cards' value.
  • He's already shown glimpses of greatness: Josh Allen posted 2,074 yards and 10 touchdowns in his first NFL season. Additionally, he's thrown for 4,000+ yards and 30+ touchdowns each of his last three seasons. His performances have solidified his status as a player to watch in the NFL.

The Top Josh Allen Rookie Cards

Here are some of the best Josh Allen rookie cards to keep an eye on:

2018 Panini National Treasures #163 Josh Allen Rookie Patch Autographs - Red Brand Logo Parallel /2 ($80,000)

This National Treasures card from Panini features one of the most prominent patches on any Josh Allen rookie card. The patch is primarily white with red, black and blue bands across the bottom. The image of Josh Allen is featured on the right of the card in his Bills uniform just before he is about to make a throw. Allen's signature is in blue ink in the bottom left corner of the card. With a limited print run of just two, this card commands a high price, selling for as much as $80,000.

2018 Panini Prizm #5 Josh Allen Rookie Autographs - Gold Parallel /10 ($79,800)

This is the second-most expensive Josh Allen rookie card on this list, and for a good reason. The image on the card is of Josh Allen in his Bills uniform, set in a ready-to-throw position. The background stadium is blurred, giving the card a nice clean look. What makes this card so special is the holographic gold border that goes around the entire card. Centered at the bottom is Josh Allen's signature in blue felt tip. This card is also rare, with a print run of just 10, which has helped it maintain a high value of $79,800.

2018 Panini Prizm #SG-8 Josh Allen Stained Glass - Gold Mojo Parallel /10 ($40,350)

Much like the cracked ice parallel from Contenders, this Prizm card from Panini features a visually appealing design different from most of the other cards on this list. The image of Josh Allen on the card is set against a stained glass background with geometric shapes in red, blue and yellow. Allen is pictured holding the ball in his Bills uniform, looking to his left, ready to throw. Though the card contains no autograph or patch, the limited print run of just 10 and the intricate design make this card one of the most valuable Josh Allen rookie cards, with prices reaching as high as $40,350.

2018 Panini Flawless #12 Josh Allen Rookie Dual Patch Autographs /15 ($39,532)

As the name suggests, this card features two patches of official jersey material from Josh Allen. The two patches are separated by a gold stamp that reads "Flawless" in italic font. The left side of the card features a closeup of Josh Allen from the chest up in his Bills uniform scanning the field. Allen's signature is placed just below the image in blue felt tip. This card draws rarity from its limited print run of 15, and the double patch feature makes this card unique, justifying the $39,532 price tag.

2018 Panini Flawless #15 Josh Allen Rookie Signatures - Platinum Parallel /1 ($30,000)

Once again, this card is incredibly limited, with a print run of only 1. Josh Allen is pictured on the card in his Wyoming jersey, looking to his left as he prepares to make a throw. The card has a blank white background with Josh Allen's signature to the left. As a super rare one-of-one card, this Flawless Platinum Parallel has been known to sell for as much as $30,000.

2018 Panini Contenders #105 Josh Allen Rookie Ticket RPS - Cracked Ice Parallel /24 ($30,000)

Josh Allen's Contenders line from Panini is one of this list's most visually striking cards. The card features a large image of Allen in his Buffalo Bills jersey dropping back to make a pass. What separates this card from many others on this list is the full holographic pattern throughout the card with a geometric design. A rookie ticket is placed on the right side of the card with seating information for a game. At the bottom of the card is Josh Allen's signature in blue felt. With a print run of 24, this card gained it's $30,000 value from a limited print run and its visual appeal.

2018 Panini Immaculate #4 Josh Allen Signature Patches Rookie - Platinum Tags Parallel /1 ($29,999)

This Panini Immaculate card derives its value from a limited print run of only 1. Josh Allen is pictured in the card wearing his Iowa State jersey with a patch of the Cyclones logo in the top left corner. Josh Allen's signature is featured below the sizable patch, and the Immaculate text is printed in holographic silver. With recent purchases reaching $29,999, this is one of the most expensive Josh Allen cards currently on the market.

2018 Donruss Optic #154 Josh Allen Autograph Holo ($8,000)

The Optic line from Donruss is very popular with collectors, and this particular card features a great image of Josh Allen holding the ball at his waist as he poses for the camera. Like the base Donruss version, the card background is a blue sky with white clouds, but this time there is a signature from Josh Allen on the card. Among the cards in the four-digit range, this card, which sold for $8,000, is one of the most popular.

2018 Panini Prizm #205 Josh Allen ($715)

As far as base Josh Allen rookie cards go, the 2018 Panini Prizm is the most sought-after card for collectors and investors alike. This card features an in-game photo of Josh Allen in his blue Bills jersey about to throw the football. Prizm's signature silver borders surround Allen's image, which makes for a sleek and attractive rookie card. This particular card is still hundreds of dollars as a top-end base card. However, it's popularity and investment potential justify it's price tag. According to Sportscardpro, at least one 2018 Prizm #205 rookie card sells per month for around $715.

2018 Donruss Optic #154 Josh Allen ($482)

If you don't want to spend thousands on the previously mentioned 2018 Donruss Optic #154 Autogrpah Holo, but you love its look, this is the card for you. Optic is another fan favorite series, which utilizes similar graphics as the base Donruss set, but in a shiny chrome version. Therefore the 2018 Donruss Optic #154 Josh Allen rookie card is a perfect addition for your collection. The Optic card once again features the same photo of Josh Allen posing for the camera with a football at his side. According to Sportscardpro, at least three 2018 Optic #154 rookie cards sell per week for around $482.

2018 Donruss #304 Josh Allen ($258)

Donruss is one of the most popular brands in the hobby, and this card features Josh Allen in his rookie Bills uniform, looking poised to make a throw. The card background image is a blue sky with white clouds and a "Rated Rookie" text in the top left corner. For those looking for a more affordable option, this is a great card to consider for $258 before getting into the higher-end cards.

2018 Panini Select #24 Josh Allen ($248)

Panini Select is another popular series for collectors, and that makes the 2018 Panini Select #24 Josh Allen rookie another great pick-up for anyone in the market for his cards. The Select card features another in-game photo of Josh Allen in the center of the card. Similar to Prizm's silver background, Select is another sleek set of cards. This particular card is much more reasonable and could be a godd starting point for collectors and investors just getting into the sports cards hobby. According to Sportscardpro, at least two 2018 Select #24 rookie cards sell per week for around $248.

2018 Panini #307 Josh Allen ($205)

If you're looking for a no-frills Josh Allen rookie card, the base 2018 Panini #307 is the perfect buy. The card features an in-game photo of Josh Allen searching the field for a receiver to throw to, and has very little else on the card. Past a RC symbol in the top right and small white border at the bottom, the card is as straight forward as they come these days. Because of its subtle imagery and base card status, this is one of the cheaper Josh Allen rookie cards a collector can find on today's market. According to Sportscardpro, two 2018 Panini #307 rookie cards sell per month for around $205.

2018 Score #350 Josh Allen ($98)

The 2018 Score #98 Josh Allen rookie card features the quarterback in his white and yellow Wyoming Cowboys jersey, and Allen is seen mid-run with the stadium in the background. For beginners looking to get their start in collecting Josh Allen cards, this is a low-cost option at around $98 that is readily available on the market.

Where To Find Josh Allen Rookie Cards

Finding Josh Allen rookie cards can be easy if you know where to look. The easiest way to find them is to visit the manufacturer's website. Panini, the company that produced many of Josh Allen's rookie cards, has a website where you can search for cards by a player's name or team. They also have a catalog that you can download and print.

Another way to find rookie cards is through online retailers like eBay and Amazon. Many sellers on these websites specialize in selling sports memorabilia and often have a good selection of rookie cards. However, it's important to remember that when buying online, you will usually have to pay extra for shipping and handling.

If you are a serious collector, you may also want to consider attending a sports card show or convention. These events are usually held in major cities and will have a wide variety of dealers selling all types of sports cards. This is a great way to find rare and valuable cards, but it can also be expensive if you're not careful.

Auctions may be the best option for collectors looking for ultra-rare Josh Allen rookie cards. Cards that are auctioned off are usually high-end and valuable, but you will have to pay close attention to the bidding process to ensure you don't overpay.

Finally, if you're looking for a good deal on some affordable Josh Allen rookie cards, you might want to check out some local card shops. Shop owners often sell cards at a discounted price to make room for new inventory. It's important to note that the selection at card shops is usually much smaller than what you would find online or through the manufacturer's website.

Should I Invest In Josh Allen Rookie Cards?

Collecting Josh Allen rookie cards can be a fun and rewarding experience for NFL fans of all levels. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned collector, there are plenty of cards to choose from. The super rare one-of-ones expectedly come with a high price tag, but some affordable options with signatures and patches are also available. Wherever you decide to buy your cards, make sure to do your research first to get the best deal possible.

Should I Get My Cards Graded?

Grading is always a good idea if you want to preserve, protect and guarantee your card collection. When CSG experts authenticate your cards, they're assigned with a universally recognized and graded condition. This certifies your collection and establishes their quality, which makes them easier to sell or trade. Even if you don't intend to sell your sports cards, you gain the satisfaction of knowing your collection is individually certified, authenticated and registered in the grading company's international database. If you do want to sell your cards, having your collection graded can potentially enhance the value of your cards as well.

So, whether you want to preserve your collection to hand them down to future generations or increase their value to sell, grading can help enhance your sports cards. If you have Josh Allen rookie cards, or any other sports cards, and you're looking for high-quality grading services with fast turnaround times, join CSG today and become part of an ongoing commitment to maintaining your card collection.

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