Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Cards: A Complete Guide

Posted on 10/28/2022

The standout from LSU is one of the most exciting young wide receivers in the NFL following a stellar rookie season. Here's a guide to investing in and collecting Ja'Marr Chase rookie cards.

Ja'Marr Chase came into the NFL with uncertainty surrounding his name. He was a high first-round draft pick, but some questioned if his success in college would translate to the pros. Therefore, when it came to his rookie card launch, fans and collectors alike weren't sure what to expect. While there might not have been a rush to track down his cards at first, a dominant rookie season changed the way collectors and investors viewed the receiver.

Who Is Ja'Marr Chase?

The Cincinnati Bengals took a chance on Ja'Marr Chase when they selected him fifth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Some doubted Chase's abilities since he only played one full season as a starter while in college due to opting out of his junior year to prioritize himself and his family amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chase was coming off one of the most dominant college seasons ever in 2019 after he and the LSU Tigers went undefeated and topped it off with a national championship. He was also awarded the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the top receiver in the nation and was a unanimous first-team All-American. Anytime he was on the field, Chase was a big play waiting to happen for LSU. That big play ability is why some NFL scouts were drooling over his potential at the next level, even though they only had one full collegiate season to analyze.

Chase would go on to prove all his doubters wrong in Cincinnati. He took the league by storm in 2021 and has established himself as one of the best young talents in the NFL. In fact, he had one of the best rookie seasons in history, setting multiple league records and winning Rookie Offensive Player of the Year behind a staggering 1,455 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. In addition, he helped lead the Bengals to their first Super Bowl appearance in decades in his first season. Still only 22 years old, Ja'Marr Chase is already considered one of the best receivers in the NFL.

Are Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Cards Good Investments?

To determine whether a rookie card is valuable is incredibly difficult when an athlete is only in their second professional season. The long-term value of a trading card is based on an athlete's body of work throughout their career, how popular they are with fans and many other factors.

While Ja'Marr Chase's NFL career has gotten off to a blazing start, it takes more than one record-breaking season to turn a sports card into a good investment. Here we will address why a Ja'Marr Chase rookie card may be an excellent investment for you and then reasons for caution before investing in a Ja'Marr Chase rookie card.

Why Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Cards Make a Good Investment

The reasons for investing in Ja'Marr Chase rookie cards are evident. He is one of the best talents in the NFL at only 22 years old. Another reason to be confident in Chase's career is the optimism surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals. Along with his former LSU teammate, Joe Burrow, the young quarterback and wide receiver tandem have turned the Bengals back into perennial playoff contenders. This was proven when the Bengals fought for the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989.

If Ja'Marr Chase can continue to break records and be the top receiver on a young, up-and-coming dynasty, then getting your hands on a Ja'Marr Chase rookie card may be one of the best investments that you ever make.

The Risk in Buying a Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Card

While there is a ton of upside to investing in Ja'Marr Chase, there are a couple of reasons to be cautious. The first one is that he is only 22 years old, and there is no guarantee that his career will continue to go as smoothly as it started.

Injuries are also a big concern in the NFL. While Ja'Marr Chase has been relatively healthy throughout his career, injuries can happen anytime and derail even the most promising careers. Chase suffered some minor setbacks during the 2022 regular season, and he missed a handful of games. So, health is always a concern when it comes to NFL stars.

Lastly, the health of Joe Burrow is a significant factor in Ja'Marr Chase's success. In 2020, Burrow tore his ACL and MCL, which cut his rookie season short. And then, in the Super Bowl, Burrow suffered yet another knee injury. However, fortunately, he avoided the need for surgery.

This should be considered before investing in a Ja'Marr Chase rookie card because individual accolades do not just determine the value of a card. Championships, playoff performances and other team-oriented honors increase the value of a card. If Joe Burrow were to go down with another serious injury, it could severely impact Ja'Marr Chase's value, both on and off the field.

Should You Invest In a Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Card?

To answer this question, it depends on how you feel about taking risks. Ja'Marr Chase is still very early in his career, and there are a lot of variables that could impact his future success.

However, if the beginning of his career indicates his true potential, then investing in a Ja'Marr Chase rookie card may be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Most Valuable Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Cards

Okay, so you like to take a risk or two. Let's dive into the most valuable Ja'Marr Chase rookie cards you can invest in today. After that, we'll look at less expensive cards that have a lot of upside for investors on a tighter budget.

2021 Panini Absolute Kaboom #46 Ja'Marr Chase ($5,594)

The Panini Absolute set is one of the most popular rookie sets, and Ja'Marr Chase's Kaboom card is one of the most sought-after cards in the series. This Panini box set features 200 cards, 100 rookie cards and 100 current and former players. The 2021 rookie class has some of the top prospects in recent memory, and Ja'Marr Chase might top the list.

The 2021 Kaboom series had 50 cards, a mix of rookies, current and retired players. The Kaboom cards are considered the case hit, which is the most valuable card in the set. Each 2021 Panini Absolute Football box contains two Kaboom cards, one rookie and one current or retired player.

The receiver's Kaboom rookie card is one of the most popular Ja'Marr Chase cards on the market for a good reason. It features a vibrant image of him running with the ball in his arms with the signature Kaboom hologram in the background.

The highest reported sale for this card was $5,594 for a perfectly graded version. However, lower-graded versions of this card can be purchased for around the $1,000 mark.

2021 Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph Ja'Marr Chase - #/99 ($5,100)

As usual, the National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph cards are some of the most popular and valuable cards on the market. Plus, the Ja'Marr Chase National Treasures auto is numbered to only 99 cards.

This card features an image of Ja'Marr running with the ball in his arms, and it also has a large on-card autograph in blue ink. The game jersey patch blends in nicely with the Bengals orange stripe that spans across the card with the prestigious National Treasures look.

While the last recorded sale for this card was for $5,100, an October 22, 2022 auction for a perfectly graded copy sold for a whopping $10,200.

2021 Panini Black Patch Autograph #212 Ja'Marr Chase ($944)

Autograph cards are some of the market's most popular and valuable cards. Add in a patch relic and a star receiver like Chase, and you have an expensive card on your hands. The 2021 Panini Black inserts are considered premium cards, making them incredibly hard to come by.

The Panini Black set features some of the best rookies and veterans in the NFL, and each card is individually numbered to just 199 copies. This card features an in-game photo of Chase, and it also has a large on-card autograph. The autograph is signed in grey ink and is absolutely beautiful. The patch included on this card is huge and features the Cincinnati Bengals' orange and black uniforms.

The highest reported sale for this card was $944, but it is important to note that even finding a perfectly graded card for sale is very challenging.

Best Value Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Cards

Now that we've looked at Chase's top-dollar rookie cards that only investors with large budgets can afford, let's check out some of his best rookie cards that represent good value for your money.

2021 Panini Prizm #337 Ja'Marr Chase ($60)

Panini Prizm cards are arguably one of the most sought-after sets on the market. They are well-known for their bright and vibrant colors and are often highly coveted by collectors, especially if it's a rookie card. The Ja'Marr Chase Panini Prizm rookie card is no different.

While the parallels and inserts are the more sought-after cards in this collection, there are plenty of Prizm options for investors of all levels. The base set has around 300 cards, giving plenty of opportunities to find a Ja'Marr Chase card without breaking the bank.

You can find some beautiful looking Ja'Marr Chase rookie cards in this collection for reasonable prices. The 2021 Prizm #162 Ja'Marr Chase is a great Crusade insert that features the receiver from his LSU days, and you can pick up a Mint copy for around $35. However, collectors will definitely want to add the base 2021 Prizm #337 Ja'Marr Chase rookie card to their collections, which goes for around $60.

2021 Donruss Optic #207 Ja'Marr Chase ($50)

The Donruss Optic collection is another very popular set that collectors gravitate toward. This set is also known for its bright and vibrant colors, which make the cards pop. This is a great collection to target for all investors, as some parallels can be very expensive while still offering opportunities for budget-minded investors.

The Ja'Marr Chase Donruss Optic rookie card can be found in various variations, including base, Rated Rookie, Press Proof Red and Holo. You can find yourself a perfectly graded base-level Ja'Marr Chase Donruss Optic #207 rookie card for around $50. This may be a card worth tracking down for investors who are optimistic about the future of Chase.

2021 Panini Mosaic #247 Ja'Marr Chase ($35)

Sticking with the Panini trend, we have the Mosaic collection. Again, the Mosaic collection makes the value list because of the bright aesthetic of the cards, a variety of options available and the potential for finding hidden gems.

Mosaic sales have reached as high as $812 for the Peacock insert and as low as $35 for the base version of the rookie card. His Mosaic base rookie card can be found for a reasonable price, so it makes a great addition to any Ja'Marr Chase collection.

How Are Ja'Marr Chase Rookie Cards Graded?

Grading is vital to the value of Ja'Marr Chase's rookie cards. Having his cards graded by a recognized professional body like Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) will help maximize their value. When buying cards, you should only purchase graded cards to guarantee that you're getting a product that is in good condition and will hold its value well. All cards that CSG grades come with a protective plastic casing and certificate of authenticity. All resellers need this to prove the condition of the card.

Several factors are considered when cards are graded:

  • The overall appearance of the card.
  • The centering of the image on the card.
  • Any visible wear and tear.
  • The sharpness of the corners.

Each of these aspects will be checked, and a final grade will be given. If a card is graded as Mint condition, it will drastically increase its value.


Ja'Marr Chase has the potential to be a top-5 receiver in the NFL for years to come, and his rookie cards are already starting to see some significant increases in value.

Plenty of affordable cards are available if you are looking to invest in Ja'Marr Chase rookie cards. If his career continues on its current trajectory, you can expect to see some serious returns on your investment.

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