Aaron Rodgers Rookie Card Market Guide

Posted on 12/18/2022

Find out which Aaron Rodgers rookie cards are the most coveted by collectors along with their current market values.

Collectors across the world are always looking for the next big thing, and for many, that means finding rookie cards of the best players in the NFL. One of those players is Aaron Rodgers, who has had an incredible 18-season career with the Green Bay Packers. This article will look at some of the most expensive Aaron Rodgers rookie cards on the market, some highlights for collectors of any level and where you can find them. If you are a fan of Rodgers or football card collecting, then you've come to the right place.

Who Is Aaron Rodgers, and Why Are His Rookie Cards So Valuable?

Aaron Rodgers is a professional football player who is currently the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Packers in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft and has since gone on to have one of the most successful careers in NFL history. With multiple MVP awards and a Super Bowl victory under his belt, Rodgers is considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

There are many reasons why Rodgers is so successful on the field. He is an incredible athlete with a strong arm and rapid release, which allows him to get rid of the ball quickly before defenders can sack him. Rodgers' skills and leadership have led him to some impressive accomplishments in his career. In addition to his Super Bowl victory, he was named the NFL's MVP four times, selected to 10 Pro Bowls and was named the AP Athlete of the Year in 2011.

Fans and collectors love Aaron Rodger's rookie cards because they represent one of the best players in NFL history. As his legacy continues to grow, so does the value of his cards. If you are lucky enough to own one of these cards, then you have a valuable piece of football memorabilia.

The Different Types of Aaron Rodgers Rookie Cards

There are many different types of football cards, each with their own value. However, the most valuable cards are usually the ones that were produced in low numbers, which makes them significantly rarer than base cards.

The most common type of Rodgers rookie card is the base card. These are typically found in packs of football cards printed on lower-quality paper. They aren't limited and do not have any special features like holos or autographs. Base cards are typically worth a few dollars, but the value can vary depending on the card's condition and how popular the player is at the time.

The next type of Rodgers rookie card is the insert card. These cards are usually inserted into packs randomly and feature a different design. Insert cards are typically more valuable than base cards, but they can still be found in packs of football cards. The value of these cards depends on the card's rarity and how popular the card set is.

The most valuable types of Rodgers rookie cards are usually the patch or autograph cards. These cards are scarce and feature Rodgers with a piece of his game-worn jersey or an autograph. Some cards may have a patch or a signature, while others may have both. These cards are generally more valuable because they have a tangible piece of Rodgers' career, and collectors are willing to pay a premium.

The Most Expensive Aaron Rodgers Cards Ever Sold

As one of the most popular players in NFL history, Aaron Rodgers' cards are some of the most valuable in the hobby. Here are the most expensive Rodgers rookie cards that have ever been sold:

2005 SP Authentic #RF-AR Aaron Rodgers Rookie Fabrics Autographs #/15 ($50,000)

We have the 2005 SP Authentic Rookie Fabrics Autographs, which is from a premium set from Upper Deck. This card is unique as it contains two small pieces of Rodgers' jersey in the middle side by side. Above the patch is an up-close graphic of Rodgers about to pass the football while wearing a red practice jersey. Though the layout of this card is very similar to the Exquisite Signature Patch, the image of Rodgers and the black and white color scheme differentiates this card from the other. The card has a print run of only 15, which helps explain its $50,000 value.

2005 Upper Deck Exquisite #SJS-AR Aaron Rodgers Super Jersey Signature #/15 ($50,000)

The next card on this list is the 2005 Upper Deck Exquisite #SJS-AR Super Jersey Signature numbered to only 15. This card is very similar to the previous Rookie Fabrics Autographs card, as it features a piece of Rodgers' jersey in the middle with an image of him above it. The main difference between the two cards is that while the precious patched cards included two small pieces of jersey, this card has one large piece of his jersey that is also signed that takes up most of the card. This makes the card feel more luxurious and valuable, as it is one of only 15 in existence and has sold for $50,000.

2005 Upper Deck Exquisite #ESP-AR Aaron Rodgers Signature Patch #/10 ($39,617)

The Exquisite Collection Rookie Signature Patch is one of this list's most visually stunning cards. It features a symmetrical design with Rodgers' patches in the middle and an autograph below. The top third of the card includes an in-game photo of Rodgers. Like the last two rookie cards that feature jersey patches and autographs, this one sold for tens of thousands as well. The top recorded price for this rarity is $39,617.

2005 Playoff Contenders #101 Aaron Rodgers Rookie Ticket Autographs ($36,999)

The Playoff Contenders #101 Rookie Ticket Autographs is one of the unique cards on this list as it is the only one with basic stat information on the front. The front of the card is black and white, with Rodgers' autograph in black ink written horizontally along the bottom. Above the signature is Rodgers in his white Packers jersey, scanning the field for an open receiver. In the top-left are Rodgers' basic stats, including number and position. This simple yet effective design made this card valuable, selling for $36,999.

2005 SP Authentic #SOT-AR Aaron Rodgers "Sign of the Times" - Gold Parallel #/25 ($35,000)

Moving along to another Aaron Rodgers rookie card from the 2005 SP Authentic series, this Sign of the Times Gold Parallel is also numbered to only 25 cards. The front features a gold and white border around a dark green color scheme with Rodgers' autograph in blue ink at the bottom. In the middle is an image of Rodgers in his red practice jersey again about to throw the football. With only 25 available in the world, this card is scarce and valuable, selling for up to $35,000.

2005 Topps Chrome #190 Aaron Rodgers Refractors Parallel ($32,655)

Another exciting addition to the list is the 2005 Topps Chrome #190 Refractors Parallel. This card features a white border framing Rodgers in his red practice jersey. He's wearing yellow shorts about to attempt a pass with the training ground and equipment blurred in the background. The front of the card has a silver chrome-like finish, making it look clean and sleek. Though this card doesn't have an autograph, it contains "Topps Football 50th anniversary" text in the top bar. Along with the minimalist design, the text could be what makes this card valuable, as it sold for $32,655.

2005 Bowman Chrome #221 Aaron Rodgers Silver Refractors Parallel Autograph #/10 ($29,999)

The Bowman Chrome #221 Silver Refractors Parallel Autograph is another extremely valuable card from Topps. This one features a silver mirror finish with Rodgers' autograph in blue ink written up the side of the front left of the card. The image shows Rodgers dropping back about to release a pass while wearing the signature dark green and gold Packers jersey. The Silver Refractors Parallel is one of the most valuable Rodgers cards, selling for $29,999.

2005 Topps Chrome #190 Aaron Rodgers Gold Xfractors Autographs #/399 ($28,734)

The 2005 Topps Chrome #190 Gold Xfractors Autographs is one of Rodgers' most visually stunning cards. It features a holofoil black and white checkerboard background framed by a golden border. In the middle of the card is a large portrait of Rodgers ready to throw a pass in his red practice Packers jersey. The autograph is just below the graphic and is written on a silver foil sticker. With a print run of 399, this card holds significant value for collectors, selling for up to $28,734.

2005 Donruss Elite #101 Aaron Rodgers #/499 ($883)

If you don't have thousands to spend on your Aaron Rodgers rookie card collection, there's still some other options out there. One of the most unique cards from Rodgers' debut season is the 2005 Donruss Elite #101 base card, which was numbered to only 499. Unlike most of his rookie cards with Rodgers in his Green Bay uniform, this one features the QB from his college days with the California Golden Bears. While mint condition versions of the card have sold for $883, collectors can still get an ungraded version for less than $270.

2005 Bowman #112 Aaron Rodgers ($560)

Bowman is another classic sports card maker that is popular with collectors. So, you might want to take a look at Aaron Rodgers' first card from the company, which is the 2005 Bowman #112. This card also features Rodgers during a practice session while weating a red jersey. The card has some great graphics with blue and grey borders and a large panel down the left side with his team's name and logo. It also has the Bowman logo at the top left with the words "Rookie Card" underneath. You can find this one for $560 in mint condition. Ungraded versions go for much less and can be owned for less than $35.

2005 Upper Deck #202 Aaron Rodgers ($350)

You can't go wrong with owning base rookie cards from Upper Deck, and the same goes for your Aaron Rodgers collection. The company released the Upper Deck #16 Rookie Premiere Aaron Rodgers card, which was the first of the quarterback in the 2005 set. You can find a mint condition version for $175 and an ungraded version for just $23. The #16 shares the same photo as the Topps and Topps Chrome editions, but the #202 is a bit more unique. This is one of the first horizontal sports cards from Rodgers' NFL career and has a different photo with the QB still in his red practice jersey. The #202 sells for $350 in mind condition, but ungraded versions can be owned for less than $30.

2005 Topps #431 Aaron Rodgers ($336)

Topps is an industry standard, and having the base rookie card of your favorite player from the brand is always a good idea. Similar to the Topps Chrome #190 Refractors Parallel on this list, the base Topps #431 looks almost identical. The Topps #431 is printed on regular cardstock compared to the shiny Refractor of the Topps Chrome version. However, you can own this card for thousands less than it'll take to buy the Topps Chrome version. You can purchase a mint condition copy of Topps #431 for around $336. If ungraded, you can find one for less than $55.

2005 Score #352 Aaron Rodgers ($162)

For those looking for an entry-level Aaron Rodgers rookie card that could still be a good investment in the future, the 2005 Score #352 is good place to start. This is another rookie card that features Rodgers in his red practice jersey as he drops back before throwing the football. Mint condition versions can be owned for $162, but ungraded versions go for as little as $25.

Where to Find Aaron Rodgers Rookie Cards

Depending on the level of the collector, you can find Aaron Rodgers' rookie cards in many different places. Below are our top tips on finding Rodgers’ cards based on each price range.

Collectors Cards (low/medium-budget): These cards will typically be the least expensive, but they're also the easiest to find. Try checking online auction sites like eBay or looking for private sellers who specialize in sports cards. Depending on the rarity, you may have to pay a bit more for these cards, but they'll often make for a good investment and a solid addition to any collection.

Ultra Rare Cards (high-budget): These are the hardest to find and the most expensive, but they're also the most coveted by collectors and investors alike. The best place to start your search will likely be online forums where collectors buy and sell rare cards. Going to card shows and conventions are also an excellent way to find rarer cards. If your search is still ongoing, many of the rarest cards are sold at high-end auction houses. However, be prepared to pay top price if you're lucky enough to find one of these.

How Are Aaron Rodgers' Cards Graded?

The condition of a card is critical when determining its value. Cards in mint condition or close to it will be worth more than cards that have been damaged or are well-worn.

To determine the condition of a card, collectors use a system called the "Sportscard Grading Scale." This scale goes from 1 to 10, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest. Many factors are considered when grading a card, including:

  • The condition of the card's surface
  • The centering of the image on the card
  • The sharpness and clarity of the image
  • The condition of the edges and corners of the card
  • The presence of any creases, folds or stains on the card

It's best to trust your cards to a professional grading company for accurate grading. Companies like Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) provide a certificate of authentication for each submitted card. They'll grade the card and then seal it in a plastic holder so that the condition of the card is preserved.

Graded cards can sell for a higher price than non-graded cards because collectors are willing to pay more for a card they know is in good condition. For collectors that use the hobby as an investment, graded cards are a must because they are more likely to hold their value over time.

Final Thoughts

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and his rookie cards are sought-after by collectors. While you can find some of his cards for a reasonable price, others can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you're interested in collecting Rodgers' rookie cards, it's essential to do your research so you know what you're looking for and where to find it. You can build an impressive collection of Rodgers' rookie cards with a little effort.

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