Justin Fields Rookie Card Market Guide

Posted on 1/26/2023

Interested in Justin Fields rookie cards? Here’s the lowdown on their current market value. Also, learn how grading can help enhance the value of your cards.

Since his professional debut with the Chicago Bears in 2021, Justin Fields has shown that he has what it takes to become a standout NFL quarterback. In the Bears’ 2021 season opener, he was only on the field for four plays, but managed to score a touchdown and complete two passes.

After Week 4, his stellar performances earned him the Bears’ starting quarterback spot. In Week 5, during his first official game as a starter, he completed 12 out of 20 passes for 111 yards, threw his first touchdown pass as a starter and led the Bears to a 20-9 victory. During his rookie year, Fields ranked No. 5 in quarterback rushing yards (420), achieving the highest number among all other rookies for the season.

Fields came into the 2022 season with a strong start. His eight pass completions (121 yards) and two touchdowns paved the way for a 19-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers. In Week 7, he had his breakout game, completing 13 passes for 179 yards in a 33-14 victory over the New England Patriots.

Fans, coaches and analysts agree that Fields continues to progress as a quarterback with enormous potential. This adds even more interest to his rookie cards, as collectors seek out collectibles from young players who may be the stars of the future.

Are Justin Fields Rookie Cards Valuable?

Thanks to his impressive track record, plus the huge Chicago Bears fan base, Justin Fields rookie cards are already proving popular among sports card collectors. In particular, Fields’ career is an example of how sports card companies are quick to identify top college players, as they market their talents early on.

Before the 2021 NFL Draft was even announced, Fields was already being featured in Panini’s top rookie cards. Once he was signed by the Chicago Bears, companies began releasing Fields' rookie cards as fast as they could print them. Many of these cards are already valuable, and if Fields continues to play well throughout his pro career, the sky is the limit for his rookie cards.

Investment Potential for Justin Fields Rookie Cards

According to price-tracking services such as SportsCardsPro, PriceGuide.Cards and Sports Card Investor, Justin Fields rookie cards are trending for a wide range of prices. Ungraded cards may sell for less than a dollar, while Gem Mint examples may sell for more than $4,000, depending upon the card, condition and collector demand.

In particular, collectors are seeking out some of the more colorful cards with high-tech graphics, such as the 2021 Panini Prizm Color Blast #14, which is selling for more than $4,100 in Gem Mint condition. Collectors are also looking for the ever-popular rookie patch autograph cards, some of which are tracking for nearly $4,000 if Gem Mint.

Most Popular Justin Fields Rookie Cards

Here’s a look at some of the most popular Justin Fields rookie cards. All value trends are based on internet and online auction sales and reflect prices for base cards rather than premium cards, unless otherwise indicated.

2021 Panini Prizm Color Blast #CB-14 Justin Fields ($5,970)

Living up to its name, this color-popping card features a classic (and often-replicated) shot of Fields as an Ohio State Buckeye, against a metallic silver background reflecting a rainbow burst of colors.

Prizm Color Blast cards are hugely popular, and prices reflect this. While PriceGuide.Cards tracks a low price of only $3.49, it shows Gem Mint examples selling for $4,150. SportsCardsPro is tracking Ungraded examples at $2,104, and Gem Mint at $5,970.

2021 Panini Chronicles Draft Picks Patch Autograph #8 Justin Fields #/99 ($3,923)

This bold card shows an action shot of Fields as a Buckeye, set against a vibrant red and white background. Fields’ autograph is featured below the team jersey patch.

Rookie patch autograph cards are also highly desirable, as they include an autograph along with a team patch embedded in the card. Typically, the most popular and valuable cards are the ones with patches showing the team logo, or the player’s name or number, rather than just a solid color patch.

On PriceGuide.Cards, this popular card tracks at a low price of $81 and a top price of $3,923

2021 Panini Absolute Kaboom #K43 Justin Fields ($3,239)

This card appeals to fans because of its vivid "Mojo" silver-coated background, which sets off a full-length image of Fields preparing to throw a pass. The signature "Kaboom!" logo is printed in bold red letters at the top.

SportsCardsPro shows prices starting at $900 for an Ungraded card, and $1,067 for Grade 9. Near-Mint cards are trending for $2,151, while Gem Mint are selling for around $3,239.

2021 Panini Prizm Stained Glass #SG-4 Justin Fields ($3,000)

As part of the popular Prizm series, this card is highly sought-after by collectors. It features a great shot of Fields dropping back to throw a pass, which is set against a reflective design coating that resembles a stained-glass pattern.

On SportsCardsPro, prices for this card are trending at around $900 for Grade 9, and $3,000 for Gem Mint.

2021 Panini Legacy Futures Patch Autographs #2 Justin Fields - Yellow Diamond Parallel #/10 ($999)

This card was produced for the 2021 Panini Legacy Hobby Box, which features only 35 rookies, including Fields. It shows an action-shot of Fields in his Buckeyes uniform and features a team patch embedded in the card. As with any patch card, look for patches that contain part of the player’s name and number, or the team logo, as these are the highest-value cards.

The Legacy Futures card was issued in four colors, and card values are priced accordingly. On PriceGuide.Cards, the Silver version trends from $80 to $599, the Ruby version from $79 to $602, the Sapphire version from $185 to $579 and the Yellow Diamond from $420 to $999. 

2021 Panini Absolute #108 Justin Fields ($699)

This fan-favorite from Absolute features a full action-shot of Fields in his orange Bears jersey, set against a black and silver background.

This card is an example of how online auction prices can vary so dramatically. In some cases, this can happen because of a bidding war between two high-roller collectors, while at other times it may be due to new collectors coming into the market.

According to SportsCardsPro, Grades 9 and below are trending for less than $20, with Grade 9.5 selling for $23 and Gem Mint examples going for $55. On PriceGuide.Cards, however, top trending prices are skyrocketing to $699.

2021 Panini Prestige #203 Justin Fields ($300)

This eye-catching card features Fields in his red Ohio State jersey and silver helmet, in an exciting action-shot that shows him running with the football. Yet it also comes with a Chicago Bears logo in the top right of the card and Panini's rookie logo in the bottom left.

This is another example of wide price variants, with Gem Mint cards tracking on SportsCardsPro for $32, and on PriceGuide.Cards for $300. Lesser-grade cards are selling for less than $12, making them a fun addition for beginning collectors.

2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks On Campus #OC-JF Justin Fields ($263)

As part of Prizm’s popular college draft series, this card features an illustration of Fields in action as a Buckeye, set against a bright background showing illustrated images of Ohio State University.

This card is unusual in that features an illustration instead of a photo, but the slightly whimsical vibe makes it desirable to collectors. On SportsCardsPro, Ungraded examples trend for as high as $85, while Gem Mint are selling for around $263. On Sports Card Investor, examples are tracking at a top price of $215.

2021 Panini Legacy #142 Justin Fields ($202)

As part of the 2021 Legacy Hobby Box, this classic rookie card features an action-shot of Fields in his Ohio State uniform, scanning the field looking for a receiver. The Panini Legacy #142 comes in both standard and color parallels.

On SportsCardsPro, the Orange parallel goes for around $7 for Ungraded and around $31 for Grade 9.5. The Green parallel averages around $15 for an Ungraded version and $101 for a Gem Mint version. Further, PriceGuide.Cards shows a top price of $202 for the Standard base card, which has a full tan and brown background.

2021 Donruss #253 Justin Fields ($157)

This attractive Donruss rookie card features an action-shot of Fields in his navy blue Bears uniform, preparing to throw a pass. The design is enhanced by black borders and silver striping.

Thanks to Donruss sets' great images and old-school vibe, Donruss cards are always popular with collectors. In particular, their rookie cards are an excellent choice for any collection, as their cards are always in demand.

OnSportsCardsPro, Grades 9 and below are trending for under $21, while a Gem Mint example sells for around $41. However, PriceGuide.Cards shows a top price of $157.

2021 Score #302 Justin Fields ($100)

Debut Panini Score rookie card sets are released before the NFL Draft, so they always feature players still wearing their college uniforms. Justin Fields’ debut Score card features a close-up shot of the quarterback in action.

Because they have a certain historic value, these debut Panini Score cards are always a great addition to any collection. On SportsCardsPro, Ungraded examples trend for around $9, while Gem Mint cards run for around $100.

2021 Score #360 Justin Fields ($46)

This sleek card shows Fields in his University of Georgia Bulldogs uniform before he transferred to Ohio State. The white borders are enhanced with red corners and striping.

This card is of interest to collectors because it shows Fields as a Georgia Bulldog, which is rare for any of his cards. And while prices are low, they seem to be steady and consistent across the board.

Both SportsCardsPro and PriceGuide.Cards are tracking top prices at around $37 and $46 respectively. Lesser grade cards can still be found for less than $10, making this an excellent card for collectors on a budget.

Where Can I Purchase Justin Fields Rookie Cards?

You can find Justin Fields rookie cards on a wide variety of online auction websites, including:

By searching Google, you’ll find listings of the many sports card shows held regularly across the country. Also, you can check collecting sites, community forums and social media sports pages to find information about upcoming shows in your area.

How Are Justin Fields Rookie Cards Graded?

The sports card industry follows a universal grading system that's based on a numeric scale, with a top grade being 10, or Gem Mint. Here’s how the system works:

Perfect 10:This card is graded Gem Mint across all four grading criteria: corners, surface, edges and centering. It's the absolute best a card can be and is flawless even under 10x magnification.

Gem Mint: Gem Mint cards are perfect, with sharp corners, vibrant coloring and no damage or stains.

Grade 9.5: Near-Mint condition, typically with just one minor flaw.

Grade 9: Excellent condition, with just a couple of minor flaws.

Grades 8 and below: These have condition damage or flaws, and are priced lower.

Raw or Ungraded: Raw cards have just been pulled from their packages and are new to the market. Ungraded cards haven't been through the grading process, and may or may not be new to the market.

When it comes to sports card values, three factors determine the price: condition, demand and rarity. Demand and rarity go hand-in-hand, because rarity can create demand and fuel prices. Ultimately, the market is dictated by consumer demand. If fans want the card, they’ll pay to get it.

Should I Get My Cards Graded?

Once you reach a certain point in your collection, you may want to consider getting your cards professionally graded. As you can see from the price trends listed above, grading gives your cards a recognized standard of quality. And since some collectors will only buy graded cards, an ungraded card may end up selling for a lower amount.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your cards, getting them graded enables you to have them individually certified and listed in the grading company’s database, with a recognized condition grade assigned to each one.  

By investing in a grading service, you may be able to enhance the value, marketability and authenticity of your cards. In turn, this can protect your investment, and help ensure that you’ll have a collection that can be cherished for generations to come. Professional bodies like Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) carry out grading and provide a certificate of authentication for each submitted card. Sellers should always have cards graded, and buyers should always check for proof of the condition before purchasing.

*Any mention of "investment potential" is for entertainment only and should not be construed as investment advice. The Certified Collectibles Group does not provide investment advice and is not liable for any buy, sell or trade decisions made by any parties.

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