Holy Ravioli, Batman! CGC Trading Cards Now Grading DC Cards

Posted on 3/15/2023

CGC Trading Cards is ready to grade your DC card collection!

In 2022, CGC Trading Cards® announced that the company would begin accepting Marvel cards for expert authentication, grading and encapsulation. Today, CGC Trading Cards is thrilled to announce that DC trading cards are also now eligible for grading!

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CGC Trading Cards is set to grade all English DC cards from 1940 to present. Please be aware that DC trading cards have varying widths and lengths due to inconsistent factory cutting, so some cards cannot be encapsulated. CGC Trading Cards will only be grading standard-sized DC cards. Additionally, CGC Signature Series services are not currently available for any cards certified by CGC Trading Cards.

Putting the “Super” in Superheroes

DC’s roots began with New Fun Comics and Detective Comics. Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster — an author and artist, respectively — began working for New Fun Comics, where they created Doctor Occult, the earliest-recurring superhero in what would become the DC Universe. In 1938, Siegel and Schuster introduced a new title called Action Comics, which introduced one of the most popular characters ever known: Superman.

The advent of Action Comics and Superman not only launched the comic industry into the Golden Age, but also created the entire superhero genre, including the creation of the first superhero team: The Justice Society of America. Eventually, the company rebranded and became DC Comics. The company has introduced several culturally iconic superheroes, including Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash and Wonder Woman, along with numerous fictional teams including the Teen Titans, the Justice League and the Doom Patrol.

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DC Cards Through the Ages

As DC’s popularity increased, the company had the opportunity to release a great deal of merchandise promoting their most popular characters. This merchandise included comics, movies, video games and, of course, trading cards.

DC partnered with bubble gum companies to produce some of its first trading cards. The first trading cards to feature Superman were released by Gum Inc. in 1940. The set consisted of 72 cards, each featuring a color drawing of Superman. While small, the 1940 Superman Card Set gave DC a solid entry into the trading card market.

DC would take advantage of this foothold in the 1960s and 1970s. Through partnerships with Topps, Arnold Harris Associates and other trading card production companies, DC was able to release several influential sets, including the 1966 Batman series (one of the only sets to feature Batman until the 1990s due to licensing issues), a set of DC Super Hero Stickers in 1978 and a set of cards based on the 1978 film Superman: The Movie.

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The trading card boom of the 1990s changed the way DC handled their trading cards. The introduction of holofoils and artist proofs made sets more interesting and captured the attention of collectors. 1990s sets also featured artwork from DC’s animated TV shows, including Batman: The Animated Series.

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Today, DC continues to capture fans’ hearts with sets that feature brilliant artwork and stunning captures of fan-favorite scenes from DC’s most popular comics, movies and TV shows. CGC Trading Cards can’t wait to see the cards submitted by collectors now that these exciting entries are eligible for grading.

Submit your DC cards today!

Submit your DC trading card collection to CGC Trading Cards today! The CGC Trading Cards experts are looking forward to serving DC fans and collectors with dependable authentication, grading and encapsulation services, including assurances that all cards are genuine, accurately graded and well-preserved.

Is it your first time submitting to CGC Trading Cards? Don’t worry; it’s easy! Learn how to submit your cards by clicking here.

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