CGC Trading Cards Featured Card of the Month: Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Posted on 3/28/2023

This legendary Planeswalker took the world by storm so fast that it was banned less than a year after its release.

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Set: Worldwake (2010)

Card: Jace, the Mind Sculptor

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What makes it special? Magic: The Gathering is known for its mythic rare Planeswalker cards. Usually, sets contain around three Planeswalkers each. In the case of Worldwake, however, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) took a different approach by making Jace, the Mind Sculptor the only Planeswalker available in the set.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor became the first four-ability mono-blue Planeswalker. At the time of release, not even the WotC staff knew how powerful this card would become. Many matches were sealed as soon as Jace hit the table — played at the right time, his abilities could seal a match within a few turns. As a result, Jace, the Mind Sculptor was banned from Standard in 2011.

Did you know? According to an article on Magic: The Gathering’s website, Jace, the Mind Sculptor’s ultimate loyalty ability was originally going to cost -8 life instead of -12. This would have allowed players to exile all the cards from their opponent’s library before shuffling their hand into their library, effectively milling the opponent of every card except for what they had in their hand.

Total graded by CGC Trading Cards: As of March 2023, there are seven examples of Jace, the Mind Sculptor Foils from Worldwake in the CGC Trading Cards Population Report. There are also two examples of the non-foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor from Worldwake in the CGC Trading Cards Population Report.

CGC Trading Cards median grade: CGC 8 for Foil

CGC Trading Cards highest graded: CGC Pristine 10 for Foil

Sales highlights: A Jace, the Mind Sculptor graded CGC 8 realized $336 in an eBay auction on January 29, 2023.

CGC Trading Cards Registry: As of March 2023, there are no sets in the CGC Trading Cards Registry that include Jace, the Mind Sculptor from Worldwake. Do you want to be the first? Submit your cards today by clicking here, then visit the CGC Trading Cards Registry webpage to learn more about how to build a competitive set!

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