Luis Robert Jr. Rookie Card Market Guide

Posted on 11/20/2022

Are you a fan of Chicago White Sox center fielder Luis Robert Jr.? Check out our guide to collecting Luis Robert rookie cards.

Golden Glove-winner Luis Robert Jr. had an impressive major league debut with the Chicago White Sox in 2020. Therefore, his stellar first season has led to strong values for many of his rookie cards.

Robert worked his way through the minor leagues and Dominican Summer League (DSL) to become an instant star in the MLB. A strong outfielder, he is also a lethal hitter who recorded a two-out, go-ahead grand slam in his first spring training start. He went on to have a stellar rookie season in the MLB, but his short career has been marred by several sidelining injuries. Robert's rookie card values are currently holding strong, but will they prove a wise investment in the future? This guide examines current values for Luis Robert rookie cards and their potential for future growth.

Who is Luis Robert Jr.?

Chicago White Sox center fielder Luis Robert, born Luis Robert Moirán Jr., was a successful youth baseball player in his home country of Cuba before defecting to the United States in 2016. Robert earned silver and bronze medals during his time on Cuba's 15U and 18U baseball teams. He defected from Cuba in November 2016 and became eligible to sign with a major-league club in May 2017.

The White Sox signed Robert that month, and he was sent to play in the DSL with the club's affiliate there. He played in a spring training game with the White Sox in 2018 and posted an impressive performance, but Robert missed the subsequent months of play due to an injury.

He went on to play with the Winston-Salem Dash and Birmingham Barons to start the 2019 season. Robert was selected for the 2019 All-Stars Future Game and made his AAA debut later that year. He led the minor leagues in hitting that season and came in second in scoring.

In January 2020, Robert inked a deal with the White Sox before appearing in a single regular-season game with the franchise. He made his MLB debut in July 2020 and hit his first major-league home run just days later. Robert was named the American League Rookie of the Month in August 2020.

The talented young player won a Golden Glove Award his rookie season, only the second rookie in White Sox history to do so. Unfortunately, Robert suffered from injuries in 2021 and 2022 that limited his playing time to about half the season in both years. In 2023, he announced he would use the name Robert Jr. and that his jersey and MLB merchandise would reflect that. He bounced back this past season and was elected to the All-Star team for the first time in 2023 and participated in the Home Run Derby. Robert also won the 2023 Silver Slugger Award.

Are Luis Robert Jr. Rookie Cards Valuable?

Luis Robert Jr. was already well-known to serious White Sox fans when he made his MLB debut in 2020. Thanks to a solid early career in the minor leagues, there was anticipation that he would be a high-performing player entering his first season in the major leagues. As a result, many rookie cards were printed that year, with many quickly increasing in value over Robert's first season. Autographed cards from Topps and limited-production parallels tend to have the greatest value.

Investment Potential in Luis Robert Jr. Cards*

Luis Robert Jr. was one of the MLB's most-talked-about players during his rookie season. The impressive feat of becoming a Golden Glover while maintaining a solid batting average drove sales of his rookie cards. Many owners have since seen their cards jump significantly in value. Whether Robert's rookie cards retain such high values depends largely on the progress of his MLB career. If Robert is unable to compete regularly because of injuries, his cards are likely to become less valuable as his name recognition fades. If he returns to top form, Robert could become a Hall of Fame candidate and a popular target for serious investors.

The Top Luis Robert Rookie Cards

A wide variety of Luis Robert Jr. rookie cards are available for collectors. Autographed editions and parallels are the most valuable, though some base issues have also enjoyed big price jumps. The most popular Luis Robert cards include:

2020 Topps Clearly Authentic Autographed #CCA-LR Luis Robert ($82,915)

Among autographed cards, this 2020 Topps Clearly Authentic issue is the collector's favorite. Printed on a transparent sheet, this card features a shot of Robert at bat in his White Sox uniform. The photo is solid, and the surrounding background is opaque-to-clear. A nameplate and a White Sox logo appear on the left side of the card. An "RC" rookie card indicator appears in the bottom right, while a Topps logo is printed in the upper right, with his signature at the bottom.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average low price for ungraded cards trends towards $1,054, with a high at $82,915. The average low price for graded cards trends towards $217, with a high at $598. Collectors should note that graded cards are generally more valuable than ungraded cards. However, accurate data about values for graded vs. ungraded cards generally isn't available until several years after a card's initial issue.

2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Rookie Autographs #CSA-LR Luis Robert – Orange Refractor #’d/25 ($34,000)

Part of a limited run of 25, this Chrome Sapphire rookie card from Topps features a shot of Luis Robert at home plate just after a hit. The center fielder pops into the foreground thanks to a blurred black-and-white background with a partial orange overlay. A nameplate with the White Sox logo runs up the right side of the card. An "RC" rookie card badge appears in the bottom left corner, and a Topps Chrome logo is printed in the top left.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average overall price for ungraded cards trends towards $2,455. The average low price for graded cards trends towards $9,228, with a high at $34,000.

2020 Bowman Transcendent Autographs #BTA-LR Luis Robert – Emerald #’d/5 ($20,000)

This graphically striking issue is a favorite among collectors who target cards with high design or aesthetic value. A headshot of Robert in a White Sox hat is framed by a circular medallion frame on the top half of the card. The medallion frame features a metallic print with embossed detailing. Small text with Robert's name and team appears directly below the photo, with the autograph panel taking up most of the bottom half of the card. A green metallic Bowman "B" logo is printed at the bottom of the medallion frame. A "Transcendent Collection" indicator is printed across the bottom of this design.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average low price for ungraded cards trends towards $922, with a high at $1,497. The average low price for graded cards trends towards $10,163, with a high at $20,000.

2020 Topps Chrome SSP Variation #60 Luis Robert ($13,684)

This striking card is printed on holographic cardstock and features an image of Robert walking with his bat bag. The shot stands out from the rainbow holographic background. A nameplate with the White Sox logo appears on the left side of the card. A Topps Chrome logo appears in the top right corner of the card. This card is a great target for collectors who want to build a strong foundation for their Luis Robert collections.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average low price for ungraded cards trends towards $1,282, with a high at $4,472. The average low price for graded cards trends towards $3,579, with a high at $13,684.

Affordable Rookie Cards

While many Luis Robert Jr. rookie cards command exceptionally high values, there are still some good options for new and casual collectors. Limited edition runs and autographed issues are particularly valuable, but some Topps cards also offer good growth potential.

2020 Topps Stadium Club #289 Luis Robert – Red Foil ($200)

This basic card from Topps features a photo of Luis Robert Jr. in his White Sox uniform, jogging to the field with a bat in hand. Luis Robert is in red, lowercase text that is printed on-center towards the bottom of the card. A Topps Stadium Club logo is printed at the bottom left with an "RC" rookie card indicator at top right.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average low price for ungraded cards trends towards $17, with a high at $200. The average low price for graded cards trends towards $32, with a high at $120.

2020 Topps Chrome #60 Luis Robert – X-Fractor Refractor ($190)

Printed on stock with holographic detailing, this bright card is a favorite among Luis Robert fans. A photo of Robert at bat appears to lift off the card thanks to a holographic grid background overlay on the rest of the design. A nameplate with a White Sox logo appears on the left side of the card, and a Topps Chrome logo appears in the top right corner.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average low price for ungraded cards trends towards $105, with a high at $190. No data on average prices for graded cards are available.

2020 Topps 1985 35th Anniversary Series 2 #85TB-47 Luis Robert – Black #’d/299 ($188)

Featuring a throwback design from the 1985 Topps Baseball Collection, this fun card is a must for the collector who values strong design. A full, bright shot of Robert at bat is at the center of the card. An "RC" rookie card logo appears on the bottom left of the card, to the side of Robert's knee. A retro nameplate in red, white, and blue bears a Sox medallion along with full White Sox text and Luis Robert's name. An embossed 35th-anniversary logo appears on the right of the card, above the nameplate.

At PriceGuide.Cards, the average low price for ungraded cards trends towards $53, with a high at $103. The average low price for graded cards trends towards $68, with a high at $188.

How Are Luis Robert Jr. Cards Graded?

All sports card certifiers use a standardized grading system recognized by card dealers, appraisers, and collectors. In this system, grades range from Ungraded to Pristine 10. All grades are calculated according to the following standards.

Pristine 10: The best condition a card can be in. It is in Gem Mint condition across all four grading criteria: surface, edges, centering and corners. These cards are like-new, perfect even if viewed under 10x magnification.

Gem Mint 10: These cards are in ideal condition with bright colors and perfect centering. They have undamaged edges, sharp corners and no more than one very minor, barely perceptible flaw.

Grade 9.5: This is a near-Mint card that has no more than one minor flaw or condition issue.

Grade 9: An excellent card with a few minor condition issues or flaws.

Grades 8 and below: These cards are graded lower because of production flaws or post-purchase condition issues. Grades are determined by weighing the number of flaws and condition issues on each card.

Ungraded: These cards have never been graded, and their condition is known only by their owner.

Raw: Cards that have just been removed from the packaging and have been placed directly on the market.

Sports card values are determined by weighing three components: condition, rarity and collector demand. Of the three factors, collector demand tends to be the most difficult to forecast. It can change at any time with an athlete's performance, team or career achievements.

At times, a card that was highly desirable plummets in value when collectors lose their interest. Price spikes can also occur with renewed interest in a player. Of course, escalating prices at open auctions can also cause card prices to spike artificially. This means that rare cards in Gem Mint condition are sometimes more difficult to sell than lower-graded cards that are preferred by sports fans and new collectors.

Sports cards that have been graded often sell for higher prices, and in many cases, they can be easier to trade or sell. Whether you decide to keep, trade, sell or donate your cards, you can take pride in the fact that the quality of your collection has been officially recognized, certified, and recorded for posterity. For further information on CGC Cards’ 10-point Grading Scale and to find out more about our industry-leading services, visit

*Any mention of "investment potential" is for entertainment only and should not be construed as investment advice. The Certified Collectibles Group does not provide investment advice and is not liable for any buy, sell or trade decisions made by any parties.

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