CGC Cards Featured Card of the Month: Delta Species Charizard

Posted on 1/11/2024

Delta Species Pokémon gave the TCG players a whole new way to play, and the electric-type Charizard wreaked havoc on the new format.

Game: Pokémon

Set: EX Crystal Guardians

Card: Charizard (Delta Species)

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What makes it special? Delta Species Pokémon — Pokémon with abnormal types — were first introduced in the EX Delta Species expansion, which was released in North America in 2006. Delta Species Pokémon allowed TCG players to mix up their decks and playstyles by using unconventional Pokémon in decks that they weren’t normally seen in, such as including the steel-type Delta Species Pikachu in a steel-themed deck. Because of this, Delta Species Pokémon were very popular.

The Delta Species Charizard from Crystal Guardians was the first appearance of Charizard as a Delta Species Pokémon. The electric-type dragon boasted the powerful Peal of Thunder Poké-Power, which allowed players to search for and attach no less than five energy cards upon evolving Charmeleon into Charizard, giving them a massive advantage. Charizard was also an extremely elusive holo rare, so it was hard to pull from packs.

Did you know? CGC Cards certified a Delta Species Charizard that had been put through the washing machine! The card became a viral sensation on TikTok when its owner posted a video of the card still in the washer. That Delta Species Charizard was later submitted to CGC Cards, where it received a grade of CGC 1. To learn more, read the article here.

Total graded by CGC Cards: According to the CGC Cards Population Report, CGC Cards has certified 493 examples of the EX Crystal Guardians Delta Species Charizard holo variant, and 269 examples of the reverse holo variant (as of January 2024).

CGC Cards median grade: CGC 7 for the holo and CGC 7.5 for the reverse holo

CGC Cards highest grade: CGC Gem Mint 10 for the holo and CGC Pristine 10 for the reverse holo

Sales highlights: The “Washing Machine Charizard,” or a Charizard (Delta Species), Pokémon (2006) EX Crystal Guardians Holo graded CGC 1 realized $6,000 in a Heritage Auctions sale on Dec 2, 2022. In addition, a Charizard (Delta Species), Pokémon (2006) EX Crystal Guardians Reverse Holo graded CGC Gem Mint 10 sold for $1,410 in a PWCC Weekly Auction on November 6, 2023.

CGC Cards Registry: As of January 2024, there is an example of Delta Species Charizard (either holo or reverse holo) in the top five EX Crystal Guardians sets in the CGC Cards Registry. These include a CGC Gem Mint 10 reverse holo and a CGC 8.5 holo in the first-place set, EX Crystal Guardians by Ashcatchyamom.

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