Every TCG Has a Story: Flesh and Blood

Posted on 1/11/2024

Built by a small team that sought to bring players and collectors together, Flesh and Blood has risen to become a strong competitor to other popular TCGs such as Magic: The Gathering.

When CGC Cards™ first began certifying cards in 2020, the only two TCGs that were accepted for grading were Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon. Later, CGC Cards announced the expansion of its grading services to include many more TCGs and non-sports cards. One of the new TCGs announced for certification in December 2021 was Flesh and Blood, a TCG that supports both collectors and players with a unique release strategy.

The History Behind Flesh and Blood

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Flesh and Blood was built by a small team of six people over the course of seven years. Creator James White and his team had a vision — they not only wanted to create a unique card game that both collectors and players could enjoy, but they also sought to unite players in "the flesh and blood," meaning that the team designed the TCG to be played in-person rather than online.

The six-person team that eventually became Legend Story Studios worked out of a studio apartment in New Zealand. To promote their upcoming TCG, the team published a five-part comic on a local website. Those who subscribed to the newsletter for updates on the comic received handwritten Christmas cards from Legend Story Studios, along with a small set of promo cards — some of the earliest Flesh and Blood cards to be released to the public.

Since the studio’s goal was to build interpersonal relationships within the TCG community, many of Flesh and Blood’s premiere events included giveaways, tournaments and more. Around 120 players gathered for the Ira World Premiere event in Auckland on August 31, 2019 — held nearly two months before Welcome to Rathe’s official release — and played in matches using prerelease decks. The premiere event was a major success, and the TCG was picked up by dozens of game stores both in New Zealand and overseas.

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Flesh and Blood quietly picked up a following that became so massive that gaming news outlets started calling it an official competitor of Magic: The Gathering — a feat not easily obtained. Today, Flesh and Blood is still going strong, with its newest expansion, Heavy Hitters, releasing on February 2, 2024.

Combining Gameplay with Collectability

Flesh and Blood is a TCG with science fiction and fantasy themes. Two or more players assume control of a hero and fight to bring their opponent’s hero to zero life points. To do this, players can use an assortment of weapon, equipment, action and instant cards to create a combat chain to attack their opponents. Likewise, opponents can use the same types of cards to react and counter against combat chains.

Each hero is unique in its own way, complete with its own backstory, weapon class and skills. For example, the hero Shiyana is a Shapeshifter who can copy an opponent's class for one turn while still retaining her own abilities. Unique hero classes and weapons give Flesh and Blood a special niche in the TCG market, where everyone — from TCG enthusiasts to those who simply enjoy roleplaying — can find something to enjoy.

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Meanwhile, Legendary Story Studios makes sure to appeal to its collector audience as well by publishing each set in two editions: a First Edition and an Unlimited Edition. Every collector-focused First Edition set has a limited print run and includes Cold Foil prints of rare cards.

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Are you ready to dive into the world of Rathe with the Flesh and Blood TCG? CGC Cards is here to help! CGC Cards has already certified more than 900 Flesh and Blood cards, showing its dedication to third-party grading of new and established TCG cards, sports cards and non-sports cards alike. Learn how to submit to CGC Cards by clicking here.

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