CGC Cards Featured Card of the Month: Aisling Leprechaun

Posted on 3/7/2024

Though unimpressive on its own, Aisling Leprechaun lets players take advantage of Creature decks with an interesting gimmick when paired with other cards.

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Set: Legends (1994)

Card: Aisling Leprechaun

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What makes it special? Aisling Leprechaun isn’t very special on its own. However, when paired with other cards, the Leprechaun can become a force to be reckoned with. Its ability turns any creature that touches it into a Green creature. Pair that with Circle of Protection: Green — a card that blocks damage done to you by any Green creature — and you’ve got a great defensive strategy to work with.

In addition to Circle of Protection: Green, players also like to pair Aisling Leprechaun with cards such as Verduran Enchantress, Island Sanctuary and Force of Nature for a slew of different deck strategies. Most decks centered around Aisling Leprechaun are called “Leprechaun Ward” decks, and they’re sometimes used in Old School format.

Did you know? Aisling Leprechaun is the only Leprechaun card in Magic: The Gathering. The card was released in 1994, which means that Wizards of the Coast hasn’t released another Leprechaun card in 30 years!

Total graded by CGC Cards: According to the CGC Cards Population Report, CGC Cards has certified 17 examples of Aisling Leprechaun (as of March 2024). CGC Cards has also certified one Italian example and a Test Print of Aisling Leprechaun (called Tara Leprechaun).

CGC Cards median grade: CGC 8.5

CGC Cards highest grade: CGC Gem Mint 10

Sales highlights: The Aisling Leprechaun Test Print (called Tara Leprechaun) graded CGC Gem Mint 10 sold for $525 in a Heritage Auctions sale on October 20, 2023.

CGC Cards Registry: There is an example of Aisling Leprechaun in the first-place Legends set, Legends by Fuzzy76456. The Aisling Leprechaun is graded CGC 7.5 and is the only example in the top five Legends sets as of March 2024.

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