CGC Trading Cards Grades an Inadvertent Early Release from the Magic Zendikar Rising Set

Posted on 10/5/2020

Zendikar is restless, indeed. A Crawling Barrens card arrived an entire month ahead of schedule!

Every so often, the elements of trading card games are erroneously manufactured, packaged or otherwise. These errors give rise to some of the most coveted rarities in the hobby, with misprinted cards being the most popular. CGC Trading Cards recently came across a different and unusual kind of oversight, however — an Inadvertent Early Release from Magic: The Gathering’s Zendikar Rising set.

The Zendikar Rising set’s official release date is September 25, 2020. Quite unexpectedly, CGC Trading Cards received a Crawling Barrens card from the set an entire month before that date. The submitter claimed to have discovered it in a Double Masters set booster pack.

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Crawling Barrens is an interesting “Manland,” which makes an effective sink for unused mana in gameplay. While not a card that will break the game by any means, as an Inadvertent Early Release, the history of the card will always be fascinating.

Distinguishing cards from one another that are produced to be identical may seem irrational, but recognizing and celebrating a card’s uniqueness is a driving force for collectors. For this Inadvertent Early Release, CGC Trading Cards took stunningly detailed photos that capture not only the minor wear seen on the card, but also the positions of the centering and the rosette-style printing.

All of the high-end rarities that we handle at CGC Trading Cards are treated to a mandatory trip through our advanced authentication and grading equipment. The information that we gather becomes part of a comprehensive database for future research projects devoted to these cardboard treasures.

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