CSG Registry Featured Set: Patrick Mahomes Player Set

Posted on 2/3/2022

This month’s featured set belongs to toddcarte. CSG had the opportunity to chat with Todd Carte and learn more about his collection.

Our featured set this month is a player set for Patrick Mahomes: Carte’s Cards by toddcarte. (Be sure to check out CSG's recent Q&A with Todd Carte at the end of this article.) The set includes a 2017 Panini #104 card and a 2017 Donruss #327 Rated Rookie card showcasing the young and talented Kansas City quarterback.

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Mahomes played college football for Texas Tech before being chosen 10th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL Draft. He was named the starting quarterback in 2018 and, during that season, he threw for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions. In his first season as a starter, Mahomes was named to the Pro Bowl, named First Team All-Pro and won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year and NFL Most Valuable Player awards. The following season, Mahomes led the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl victory — 50 years after their first one.

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Q&A with Todd Carte

Question: How did you get started in collecting sports cards?

Answer: The first memory I have of cards was when I was about 5 years old. Got a pack of cards — Topps baseball cards. It was 1977. The only card I specifically remember was Oakland A’s pitcher Jim Todd. And I just really liked the fact that my name was his last name. It just hooked me right then. Also, when I was a kid, I opened a box of cards that I bought and found several blank back cards. I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen. Those cards got me hooked on various errors, variations and misprints. I buy a lot of bulk lots of commons just so I can search them for errors and misprints. As I got older, I had a few Pete Rose cards that were considered my favorites.

Question: What are your favorite cards now?

Answer: I have several autographed Derek Jeter rookies that he signed in-person when he was playing in the minor leagues for the Greensboro Hornets. He was a super nice guy. He signed all my cards and sit and talked for a while. I was a fan of his after that.

Question: The CSG Registry set we’re featuring of yours includes Patrick Mahomes. How did you get started in collecting his cards?

Answer: Well, I’m a (Dallas) Cowboys fan. But I’m also a Tom Brady fan. But there’s no denying it. Patrick Mahomes is the future of football. He’s super talented. I just happen to have a lot of his (cards) graded because I know there is value there.

Question: How do you go about collecting these days? Do you still go to a local card shop or retail store, or do you collect online?

Answer: I’ve had an eBay store, Carte’s Cards, for a while. It took off and now I’ve turned to that full-time. That’s my job. I’ll look for local collections, check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. And I’ve really enjoyed the CSG pricing for grading. I’ve had thousands of cards and thousands of more that I need to get sent in. When I first saw the advertisement for coming soon, I took a chance. I sent some cards in. Once I got them back in my hands, I absolutely loved them. The slabs are by far the best in the industry. No one even comes close to CSG. I’m really liking the service you provide.

Question: Are the certain types of cards you prefer?

Answer: I just like vintage cards. I was a Cowboys fan when I was a kid. My favorite set was the 1977 Topps football set. And there was just something about that Cowboys banner at the top. The colors weren't really Cowboys colors as they were red and yellow. But it just really stood out to me as a Cowboys fan. I loved it.

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