CGC Trading Cards-certified My Hero Academia’s Video Game Counterpart

Posted on 2/3/2022

My Hero One’s Justice 2 takes a step in the right direction.

Riding the waves of success from My Hero Academia’s manga, animated series and movies, it's not surprising to see My Hero Academia’s TCG shine and be added to the expert certification services roster of CGC Trading Cards™. From opening a booster box to collecting and playing your favorite characters from the manga and show, My Hero Academia TCG offers another level of engagement for fans. This engagement goes to an even higher degree with the gameplay and features of My Hero Academia’s sequel video game title: My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Released in 2020, My Hero One’s Justice 2 makes a valiant attempt at a sequel video game title. My Hero One’s Justice 2 brings new game updates and new characters that are a welcome change from its prequel. Fan-favorite characters from the anime are reintroduced, including The Big 3; heroes and villains from the Yakuza house raid; new members of the League of Villains; characters from the Provisional Hero License Exam; and new and old heroes and villains from the series. There’s a lot to enjoy for fans of the My Hero Academia series.

The gameplay for My Hero One’s Justice 2 adds some very welcome features, such as dodging, dash cancel mechanics, revamped assists, combo breakers and guard cancel. Like the Full Cowling: Shoot Style, the game title improves by adapting and developing its strengths. There are, however, too many breakable objects that are visually impairing, ultimate move animations that take too much time and a slightly uneventful four-player mode and story. Though this gameplay experience is fun at first, it falls short compared to the tempo of the best-performing competitive fighting games.

For all of its updates and improvements, the scale of interest for My Hero One's Justice 2 hasn’t justified a large tournament scene for the title. My Hero Academia needs to overcome the stigma around anime-based fighting games and fix the issues found within the game. But like the select few titles that have truly shined in the anime-based fight games niche, game titles tend to improve greatly with sequels.

Regardless of these issues, players and fans of My Hero Academia can still enjoy My Hero One’s Justice 2 for what it is — a fun rendition that lets you go Full Cowling: Shoot Style against your favorite anime heroes and villains. For your My Hero Academia cards, CGC Trading Cards cannot wait to grade them!

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