CGC Trading Cards-certified Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan’s Video Game Counterpart

Posted on 2/18/2022

Rage, scream and fight with Wings of Freedom.

For anime fans, Weiss Schwarz cards were a welcome addition to the expert certification services offered by CGC Trading Cards™. Among the many anime titles included in the list of Weiss Schwarz cards, recently, none have been talked about more than Attack on Titan. The latest season kept fans on the edge of their seats with countless epic moments and breathtaking reveals. Here's a look back at the Attack on Titan's video game that enables fans to take flight against the titans.

Released in 2016, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom soars with unique, fast-paced hack-and-slash action for fans of Attack on Titan. Through the video game, players are able to experience the story and combat seen in the anime’s debut season, such as the Colossal Titan’s first glare over Wall Maria, training in the 104th Cadet Corps, the Attack Titan’s first appearance, the 57th expedition and Mikasa’s graceful landing on the falling Female Titan’s forehead. 

Attack on Titan is well known as a bloody, horrific tale of giant humanoid monsters feasting on humanity. On the verge of extinction, humankind creates gigantic defenses such as Wall Maria, a 50-meter-tall wall to protect itself from these creatures. A century of peace is disturbed one day when a large titan called the Colossal Titan kicks down the door to Wall Maria beginning this horrific series of events. The player follows the story of Eren, Mikasa and Armin, who are victims of the fall of Wall Maria but join humanity’s last hope: the Survey Corps.

An elite group of military forces, the Survey Corps is trained to take back human territory and combat titans using vertical maneuvering equipment and ultra-hard steel blades. These tools allow players to swing across buildings and combat titans by slashing the back of their necks. Wings of Freedom smoothly introduces the omnidirectional combat movement by allowing players to direct where they would like to navigate their attacks without being grabbed.

During the game, players experience all of the hopelessness and fear that Eren, Mikasa, and Armin face while overcoming seemingly unbeatable circumstances. Though initially intimidating, players become comfortable soaring between buildings to combat the frightening titans. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom brings a unique gameplay experience that stays true to its anime roots. As the anime says, "Shinzo sasageyo" — dedicate your hearts — to succeed at this exciting game.

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