CGC Trading Cards Registry Featured Set: Pokémon Rumble

Posted on 12/29/2022

This month, the spotlight is on Zeig's Pokémon Rumble set! Don't miss a Q&A with the set owner.

This month’s set is small but mighty! Composed of just 16 cards, the Pokémon Rumble TCG set is part of a board game that combined TCG and board-game elements to create a standalone battle-royale experience. The board game was released with the WiiWare game Pokémon Rumble and featured gameplay similar to the Wii title. Players scored points for knocking out opposing Pokémon with the aim of being the last Pokémon standing.

The game included 16 Pokémon cards featuring artwork from the Wii game, a game mat, instructions and specialty dice — everything needed to get started. Players could even use cards from any of the other TCG booster packs, a unique feature that hasn’t returned to any other Pokémon TCG peripheral. Overall, the board game served as an introduction to the Pokémon Trading Card Game for new players.

Zeig’s set is fully complete with every card graded CGC 7 or higher. He purchased the Pokémon Rumble board game back in 2009 when it was released and has been hanging on to the cards ever since! We caught up with Zeig to talk about the set and his collecting goals. Check out the Q&A below.

Tell us a little about how you got into collecting Pokémon cards.

Well, back in the '90s, I was the typical nerd kid. [I began] trading Pokémon cards at recess and I guess I never grew out of that. I've “evolved” to collecting all matter of game-related things. I consider Pokémon cards to be game-related, so that's kept me interested.

What made you interested in collecting this set?

I actually purchased this set in a Kmart back in 2009 around holiday time. I just happened to find it near the board games; it was packaged with some dice and a mat for some sort of Pokémon Rumble game you could play with just these cards. I kept the box sealed for a while, but eventually decided to open the cards and put them into my collection. [I have] no idea what happened to the dice or gameboard that came with it.

What is your favorite card in this set and why?

All of the cards are so goofy looking; they remind me of Pokémon Ranch on the Wii. But my favorite is probably the Starmie, #5/16. I've always had a soft spot for Starmie because one of my first ever shinies when I was a kid playing the games was a Starmie. I also like how you can see the ridiculous-looking Gyarados in the background.

What are your future collecting goals?

I still have a mountain of cards I want to get graded, but I'm trying really hard to complete a set of Pokémon Wizards of the Coast Promotional cards. A big one I'm missing is the Venusaur #13. I'm also working on a master set of Vivid Voltage — I'm about two cards away, one of them being a Pokémon Professor stamped copy of a trainer card that was only released in Europe — so I have my hands full there. Outside of Pokémon, I'm also actively collecting a set of Carddass Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad Cards, hoping that CGC Cards will one day add it to the list of eligible cards.

What do you like about the CGC Trading Cards Registry and what would you tell people who are thinking about joining?

The CGC Trading Cards Registry is great. It's like a scoreboard of how well your collection is doing. It also lets you peek at other cards you may be missing in your set that you weren't aware of. You can compare yourself to other collectors working on the same set if you're the competitive type, and the best part, it doesn't cost anything. The CGC Trading Cards Registry is free if you're a CGC member and have at least one CGC-certified card to add to your registry. In regards to CGC Trading Cards: If you're on the fence about using CGC, there's no downside to joining the Premium Tier; you pay $150 and you get a credit for $150, and if it's your first time they'll send you a box of supplies to help with sending in cards.

About the CGC Trading Cards Registry

Launched in April 2022, The CGC Trading Card Registry is the newest addition to the suite of CCG collectibles registries. Since launch, hundreds of collectors have registered nearly 3,000 competitive sets. We’re grateful for such a successful start and unmatched enthusiasm among collectors.

The CGC Trading Cards Registry continues to grow daily; we’ve released hundreds of new sets since launch and are actively working to fulfill new set and slot requests. We welcome all your requests! It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to learn about your collecting interests.

The CGC Trading Cards Registry is a free online platform where collectors can register and display CGC-certified trading cards, compete with other collectors, and get inspired. The CGC Trading Cards Registry is also a great organizational tool for your collection. Begin adding your CGC-certified trading cards in the CGC Trading Cards Registry here.

We are just getting started! If you don’t see a set for your cards, please request a set. You may also review our CGC Trading Cards Registry FAQs for details on how to make requests for new sets and slots.

The CGC Trading Cards Registry team is here to help. Questions or comments? Want to connect with other collectors? Visit the CGC Trading Card and Registry Chatboards!

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