The CGC Cards Registry Awards

Every year, the CGC Cards Registry awards prizes to the best sets. To enter, simply create a CGC Cards Registry set and add your sports cards. The deadline for entering is early July, and winners are announced at the end of the month. It’s free, easy and fun to compete!

CGC Cards Registry Awards
The 2022 CGC Cards Registry Awards
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Award Winners

When a card is added to a set, it receives a point score based on its grade, relative rarity and value. These scores are then totaled, and the set is ranked against other sets based on their total scores. Each year, the best set winners with the top scores receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their CGC Cards Registry set and a $500 grading credit!


About the CGC Cards Registry

The CGC Cards Registry has been designed to become the premier online arena for sports card collecting. It’s easy and fun for collectors to add their CGC-certified cards to the CGC Cards Registry using a number of popular and diverse set categories, such as pre-war baseball cards, modern basketball cards and rookie player sets. Plus, new set options are constantly being added by CGC Cards. Learn more >

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