CGC Trading Cards Registry Featured Set: Happy Little Gathering

Posted on 2/23/2023

This month's featured set is viere81's Happy Little Gathering MTG set. Don't miss a Q&A with the set owner, plus learn more about the Autobuild Set feature!

The Happy Little Gathering Magic: The Gathering set is part of the Secret Lair Series — small releases of existing MTG cards featuring alternative art styles and themes. The CGC Trading Cards Registry boasts a complete set, carefully put together by vieri81! (Check out the Q&A below!)

This set includes artwork by the legendary artist Bob Ross. Ross is famous for his instructional show, The Joy of Painting, which aired on PBS in the 1980s and 1990s. He would create a painting in 30 minutes while viewers at home watched or even painted along. The set gets its name from phrases Ross said on the show, such as “let’s add some happy little trees.”

The Happy Little Gathering set contains two of every type of original Basic Land card: Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest, plus a promo card: Evolving Wilds. This stunning set showcases a different piece of Bob Ross’s artwork on each card.

Vieri81’s set is 100% complete with all foil variants and features cards graded CGC 9 or higher.

Q&A with the Set Owner, vieri81

Tell us a little about how you got into collecting Magic: The Gathering cards.

I started collecting Magic: The Gathering cards because of the fantastic fantasy artwork from many talented artists over the years. The more you look, the more you appreciate the little details.

What is your favorite card in this set?

I could not pick a favorite (as to me they're all beautiful), but if I was to choose one to highlight, it would be Mountain #106. 

Click images to enlarge.

What makes this set unique or special to you?

Growing up in the 1980s, I enjoyed watching Bob Ross on PBS every week. I have great memories of watching him bring a blank canvas to life. So, when this Secret Lair released, I knew I had to get the whole set and have them graded.

What are your future collecting goals?

I base my collecting on the artwork first, and what speaks to me. As new sets are announced, I cannot wait to see the designs. From there, I can decide which cards and how I want to purchase them (singles, packs, boxes, etc.).

How has the CGC Registry helped with your collecting goals?

It helps me keep track of my current cards, as well as enjoy looking at other people’s sets.

Have you tried the Autobuild Set feature?

CGC Trading Cards is adding new sets to the CGC Trading Cards Registry on a weekly basis! As you explore and build new sets in your Registry, take advantage of the Autobuild feature — a tool that lets you easily add cards already in your inventory to a new set.

To use the Autobuild feature, make sure all cards are added to your inventory. Then create the set you would like to build. Once you have created the set, you can click on “Autobuild Set” to import all the cards from your inventory that belong to that set! Check out this post on the Registry Chatboard for detailed instructions.

About the CGC Trading Cards Registry

Launched in April 2022, The CGC Trading Cards Registry is the newest addition to the suite of CCG collectibles registries. Since launch, hundreds of collectors have registered nearly 3,000 competitive sets. We’re grateful for such a successful start and unmatched enthusiasm among collectors.

The CGC Trading Cards Registry continues to grow daily; we’ve released hundreds of new sets since launch and are actively working to fulfill new set and slot requests. We welcome all your requests! It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to learn about your collecting interests.

The CGC Trading Cards Registry is a free online platform where collectors can register and display CGC-certified trading cards, compete with other collectors, and get inspired. The CGC Trading Cards Registry is also a great organizational tool for your collection. Begin adding your CGC-certified trading cards in the CGC Trading Cards Registry here.

We are just getting started! If you don’t see a set for your cards, please request a set. You may also review our CGC Trading Cards Registry FAQs for details on how to make requests for new sets and slots.

The CGC Trading Cards Registry team is here to help. Questions or comments? Want to connect with other collectors? Visit the CGC Trading Card and Registry Chatboards!

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