Gotta Stick 'em All! CGC Trading Cards Now Grading Pokémon Bandai Sealdass

Posted on 11/30/2022

CGC Trading Cards is now ready to grade your Pokémon Bandai Sealdass sticker collection!

CGC Trading Cards® is excited to announce that Pokémon Bandai Sealdass cards are now eligible for grading!

Following the successful releases of Bandai Carddass and the Pokémon Trading Card Game by Media Factory in 1996, Bandai continued to capitalize on the growing Pokémon phenomenon by releasing a second wave of vending machine collectibles in 1997. This new series of collectibles were not trading cards. Instead, Bandai produced Pokémon-themed stickers that could be peeled off a thin cardboard backing.

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Japanese collectors couldn’t purchase these collectibles in a store. Like Pokémon Carddass before it, Pokémon Bandai Sealdass “cards” could only be purchased through vending machines set up in various locations across Japan. Collectors could either purchase one card for Ұ20 (about $0.14) or five cards for Ұ100 (about $0.71).

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Each sticker card features one of the original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region, with artwork drawn by lead artist Ken Sugimori. Unlike Pokémon Carddass, Sealdass cards feature a centered image of the Pokémon and some stats underneath, including their Pokédex number and Japanese name. The bottom corners feature evolution information for the Pokémon along with a silhouette image of the Pokémon as they appear in official game art. Meanwhile, the back of each card depicts an image like a Pokédex entry, showing the featured Pokémon, their evolution information, and their move learn set.

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Bandai also released several promotional Pokémon Sealdass sets, including the Stitch Touch set and the Fancy Graffiti set. These cards featured full-art images of Pokémon on the front, while the back depicted special text and more images of the featured Pokémon.

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Sealdass cards are very hard to find in excellent condition. Their limited release increases their rarity, and the difficulty in finding full cards that haven’t had the stickers peeled off make pristine examples even more elusive.

Submit your Pokémon Bandai Sealdass card collection to CGC Trading Cards today! The CGC Trading Cards experts are looking forward to serving Pokémon fans and collectors with the most dependable certification process in the industry, including assurances that all cards are genuine, accurately graded and well-preserved.

Is it your first time submitting to CGC Trading Cards? Don’t worry; it's easy! Learn how to submit cards by clicking here.

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