CGC Cards Featured TCG Registry Set: Base Set - 1st Edition

Posted on 8/10/2023

This month's featured TCG set is The Pullfather's Pokémon Base Set - 1st Edition!

The Pokémon World Championships are taking place in Japan in 2023. This is the first time the Pokémon World Championships have been held in Asia since the event's inception in 2004! To celebrate, CGC Cards is going all the way back to the beginning to showcase The Pullfather's Base Set – 1st Edition Registry set!

The Pullfather's set is 100% complete and includes some impressive cards, including a Blastoise 1st Edition Holo graded CGC 9, a Charizard 1st Edition Holo graded CGC 9 and a Vulpix 1st Edition graded CGC Pristine 10.

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Base Set - 1st Edition was the first set released by Wizards of the Coast for the Pokémon TCG. Children flocked to stores to purchase packs in hopes of pulling their favorite Pokémon, and the limited set sold out quickly. In addition, because children often kept their cards in their pockets, many of these 1st Edition cards were damaged over time. Finding Base Set 1st Edition cards in high grades is extremely rare, which makes The Pullfather's set all the more impressive. This is definitely a set worth checking out!

We caught up with The Pullfather to talk about how he got started collecting Pokémon cards, his favorite cards in the set and what he likes about the CGC Cards Registry. Check out the Q&A below, and view The Pullfather's Base Set – 1st Edition set here.

Q&A with the Set Owner, The Pullfather

How did you get started collecting Pokémon cards?

When I was five years old, I remember going over to my older cousin’s house after school and him showing me his Base Set Shadowless cards. Like every other ’90s kid, I was hooked on not just the holographics, but the common cards as well! It was truly a magical moment.

In 2019, my girlfriend at the time (who is now my wife) and I were starting to get more serious. We had dated for three years long distance from Canada to Florida and wanted to plan to start a life together. At the time I was still living at my parents’ and needed to make space for her clothes in my closet. At that point, I re-discovered my old childhood collection.

I scrolled through my vintage collection, which consisted of a variety of all Wizards of the Coast cards, and I was curious to see if any of these cards were possibly worth anything. I received an offer in excess of $10,000 and my head nearly exploded. I didn’t sell my collection and, from there, I started collecting again!

What is your favorite card in this set and why?

That’s a difficult question for me to answer because each card has a story to it. However, I am going to have to go with the 1st Edition Shadowless Blastoise as my favorite card from this set. It ties back into the nostalgic Pokémon Red and Blue Game Boy games for me. I remember the first time I beat Red Version from start to finish; Blastoise was my ace in the back pocket that I could rely on.

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Was there a card that was difficult to find? If so, do you have a story about how you were able to finally locate the card?

The 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard was by far the most difficult to find. I went through dozens of dozens of Charizards in hopes to find one that had the best centering and condition as possible. After several months of searching, the Instagram channel Palletown_Marketplace presented me with a clean 1st Edition Charizard. The card checked all the boxes in my eyes, and I moved forward with purchasing the card.

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What are your future collecting goals?

I have been pondering for quite some time now about how to attempt a CGC 10 set for Fossil 1st Edition. I currently own the only Perfect 10 1st Edition Holo Dragonite (population 1) and a Pristine 10 1st Edition Holo Gengar. Two of these holographic cards are very difficult to grade in general. So, I feel this goal is achievable having these two cards checked off. Though I am not finished upgrading my 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set, how to tackle this challenge is something I think about daily.

Note: At the time these cards were graded, they were encapsulated with the original CGC Cards label. Starting July 11, 2023, CGC Cards began encapsulating cards with the new CGC Cards label. In addition to the new label, collectors enjoy many other benefits with CGC Cards, such as the ability to submit without purchasing a membership and an industry-standard Gem Mint 10 grading scale. For collectors and dealers who would like to reholder cards, CGC Cards has lowered its reholder fee to just $5 until September 30, 2023, for cards valued under $10,000, and any cards with a grade of Gem Mint 9.5 automatically convert to the CGC Cards Gem Mint 10 grade! For more information, go here.

How has the CGC Cards Registry helped with your collecting goals?

The CGC Cards Registry really demonstrates a formal database of your collection. It really simplifies things, being able to locate particular cards in your collection with the click of a couple buttons! The layout is very clean, and the clarity of the pictures are crystal clear!

About the CGC Cards Registry

The CGC Cards Registry is a free online platform where collectors can register and display CGC-certified trading cards, compete with other collectors, and get inspired. The CGC Cards Registry is also a great organizational tool for your collection. Begin adding your CGC-certified trading cards in the CGC Cards Registry here.

If you don’t see a set for your cards, please request a set. You may also review our CGC Cards Registry FAQs for details on how to make requests for new sets and slots.

The CGC Cards Registry team is here to help. Questions or comments? Want to connect with other collectors? Visit the CGC Trading Card and Registry Chatboards!

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