CGC Cards Featured Registry Set: Marvel Super Heroes

Posted on 10/5/2023

Brian's 1966 Marvel Super Heroes Donruss set is 75% complete. Read on to learn more about the first set of Marvel trading cards!

The Marvel Super Heroes set was released by Donruss in 1966. It was the first set of Marvel cards to be released, and included six 11-card sub-sets, with each featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil, Spider-Man, the Hulk and Thor. The set features iconic artwork by some of Marvel's most celebrated creators, including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, to name a few!

The fronts of the Marvel Super Heroes cards feature comic book-like panels with corny jokes. A favorite caption in the set is on Captain America #2. It says, "But lady, the subscription only costs $3.89!" What is Cap selling, and why is the lady so upset about it? Good thing Cap has his trusty shield handy to block him from the lady's onslaught!

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Some of the cards have write-your-own caption word bubbles. Because of this, many cards were scribbled on, which makes it much more difficult to find well-preserved examples of these cards. Even so, it's fun to see what captions the children of the time came up with. Brian's set contains several blank write-your-own caption cards, such as the #3 Captain America and the #45 Hulk!

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The card backs contain a special surprise: They can be laid out together like a puzzle to make a larger picture, which includes all the heroes featured on the fronts of the sub-sets. One of the most sought-after cards in this set is the #6 Captain America, as the card back features Spider-Man's face! Brian has this card in a CGC 3.5. It is one of only eight examples in the CGC Cards Population Report.

These cards were sold in packs of five cards each and included a piece of gum, much like sports cards did at the time. Each pack only cost five cents, too — what a deal!

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Brian's 1966 Marvel Super Heroes Donruss set is 75% complete and features cards graded CGC 3 or higher. He also has several cards graded CGC 8.5, which is impressive considering the set is over 50 years old. This collection is definitely something to be proud of.

If you'd like to learn more about Donruss' 1966 Marvel Super Heroes set, head over to the CGC Cards YouTube channel, where we recently featured Joe Jusko's set! Click here to watch the video.

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